DE Fall I & II Registration

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DE Fall I & II registration begins July 16th. Main Campus students will need to use the new Approval Form.

Registration will end for Fall I and II on August 3rd.

Click here for AY 2012-2013 DE Dates


New Tool for Blackboard: You Can Count On It

Mon, 18 Jun, 2012     add-onblogdiscussionsfirefoxjournalsmozillawikisword count

Sometimes giving a word count requirement makes it easier for students to understand the expectations that a faculty member has for them for Discussions, Wikis, Journals, and Blogs. The issue is how to get the word count once the assignment is complete.

Question: How do you find the word count for assignments? A: Copy and paste into Word. Highlight all the text. Click Review tab. Click Word Count. B: Just eye it. C: Use the new add-on tool for Mozilla Firefox.

Answer: Although each of the options are feasible, the one that creates the least amount of work and allows for the greatest accuracy is option C.

Click the following link to download the Mozilla Firefox add-on:

Liberty Cafe Mozilla Firefox Word Count Add On Tool The add-on only works in Mozilla Firefox and must be installed on each computer that you plan to use to grade Discussions, Wikis, Journals, and Blogs. Once the add-on is installed, the faculty member can highlight the text and click Word Count in Blackboard. Word Count Add on for Mozilla

*A special thank you to Jamie Kipfer for sharing this tool.

Katherine Spradley
Director of Distance Education
Campbell University


TechKnow June 2012 Edition

Thu, 7 Jun, 2012     techknow


Benjamin Bloom: Inspiring Higher Learning?

Tue, 5 Jun, 2012     active learningbloom's taxonomycourse designengagementstudent learning outcomes

Maybe you have heard of Bloom's Taxonomy and maybe not.

What can it do for you? Bloom's Taxonomy identifies and classifies levels of learning cognition. In a nut shell, this diagram shows a theoretical order in which we process information and learn.


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