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2014-2015 Course Schedules & Term Dates 

Note: Campbell University Online publishes a list of online courses available by term in WebAccess.  Please click on the link below to login to WebAccess, select Internet as the Location and select the Internet UG Summ 15 as the Term:

Term Term Dates Registration Dates Add Ends Drop Ends
Internet UG Fall I 14 08/04/14-09/27/14 06/23/14-08/02/14* 08/06/14 08/11/14
Internet UG Fall II 14 10/06/14-12/06/14 09/22/14-10/03/14* 10/08/14 10/14/14
Internet UG Spring I 15 01/05/15-03/02/15 11/24/14-01/02/15 01/07/15 01/12/15
Internet UG Spring II 15 03/09/15-05/02/15 02/23/15-03/06/15 03/11/15 03/16/15
Internet UG Summ 15 05/18/15-07/11/15 04/20/15-05/16/15 05/20/15 05/26/15

*Summer Registration is as follows:

Online students (Home Campus of IN) begins 4/6
Camp Lejeune, RTP, Fort Bragg students (Home Campus of CL, RTP, FB, P) Check with your home campus for registration dates.
Main Campus Seniors (97+ SH) begins 4/20
All other students can register beginning 4/21

Policies for Main Campus Students Taking Online Courses

  1. Students taking online courses must adhere to the policies, procedures, and dates set forth by Campbell University Online and all policies set forth by the Undergraduate Studies Bulletin 2013-2015.  Registration directions are provided below.  Main Campus students that do not meet all requirements or do not follow the proper procedures for registering for an Online Course will be removed from the course by the Friday before the first day of the term.  It is the student's responsibility to ensure that he or she is properly registered for an Online Course.  Directions for verifying a student schedule through WebAccess are provided below.  
  2. The requested course will not be available on the main campus during the semester in which the Online Course is requested.  Furthermore, the student must demonstrate that the requested course is necessary for a timely graduation.  
  3. Main Campus students may take no more than 49% of the semester credit hours for the degree online.  
  4. Main Campus Transfer students will be limited to 49% of the semester hours taken with Campbell, regardless of the number of hours accepted in transfer.
  5. Main Campus students are limited to two courses per semester (not two courses per term) for all Extended and Online courses.

Note: Any and all acceptions must be approved by the Main Campus student's academic dean.  

How to Register for Online Courses 

Online students will register for classes through WebAccess for the summer term.  Main campus students will register for all online classes through their adviser for the summer term. The Online Schedule can be viewed in WebAccess by selecting Internet UG Summ 15 and selecting Internet as the location.  

  • WebAccess Login (Also located in the banner of any Campbell University web page by clicking LOGIN)
  • Students will select the term in which they would like to register (example: Fall II UG Internet).
  • Students will select the course(s) in which they wish to register (maximum of two per semester for main campus students).
  • Main Campus students must register have their adviser register them for online courses.  
  •  Main Campus students must have their adviser enter the XADVS-100 code from the Internet UG Summ 15 term in WebAccess to approve the selections.    

How to Drop and Withdraw from an Online Course 

  • All students wishing to drop must adhere to the dates provided above for the add/drop period.  
  • Students who remain in the course past the drop period will be financially responsible for the course and will be issued a grade.  
  • To drop an online course, email online@campbell.edu before 5:00pm on or before the drop date.
  • To withdraw from an online course (removal from the course beyond the drop date), email online@campbell.edu to initiate the request.  Withdrawal from an online course requires an explanation for the request.  Students will be issued a WP or a WF at the discretion of the faculty member.  

Additional Helpful Information (Questions, Schedule, Textbooks, Financial Aid, Payment)

  • For questions about your course including assignments, materials, lectures, etc. contact your instructor for the course.  For email, system access, online tutoring request, disabilities services, use our Student Support link. 
  • To print a copy of your schedule or verify that your adviser and the department chair have added their appropriate codes to your schedule, log into WebAccess.  Select Student.  Under Academic Profile select View Class Schedule and Buy Textbooks.   This will also allow you to view the required textbooks for your courses.  
  • To check the status of your financial aid, also log into WebAccess.  Select Student.  Under Financial Aid select one of the Financial Aid options by year, term, or to view your letter.   
  • To make a payment, also log into WebAccess.  Select Student.  Under Financial Information select CASHnet Sign-In.