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General Education - Online Degree Program

Associate of Arts (AA) - General Education Concentration

Associate of Arts Degree ProgramCampbell University offers Associate of Arts degree programs in General Education, Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, and Social Sciences. The program is designed to introduce students to the challenges and rewards of college level work and core skills for professional careers. The Associate of Arts in General Education introduces students to a broad range of subjects including fine arts, English literature, history, religion and math. Upon successful completion of the A.A. program, students will be prepared for further undergraduate study at the bachelor's level and have a basic understanding of the needs and expectations of the contemporary American workforce.

Program Overview:

General Education Core Courses (40 Semester Hours)  
Fine Arts (art/music/theatre)  
English Fundamentals ENGL 100
Academic Writing ENGL 101
Academic Writing & Lit ENGL 102
English Literature  
Fundamentals of Math MATH 110
MATH Elective  
MATH Elective  
Science with lab  
Introduction to Christianity RELG 125
Western Civilization I HIST 111
Western Civilization II HIST 112
Personal Wellness PE 185
Activity PE 111

In addition to the 40 semester hours of core courses, students must complete an additional 22-27 semester hours from one concentration for a total of 62-67 semester hours with 62 being the minimum required number of hours for an Associate Degree.

Curriculum Information:

For a complete overview of the program and requirements, please view our Associate of Arts in General Education Description and Requirements summary sheet.

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