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Student success is our number one priority at Campbell University.  
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Course Content Questions

Students with questions about course content including the location of lectures, assignments, and tests should contact their instructor.  The instructor is the only person that can assist students with assignment and test resets. Instructors should be given 24 hours to respond to a request. 


Faculty, staff, and students with questions or issues related to email access, WebAccess, Blackboard usernames, Blackboard passwords, Blackboard Student Access/Enrollments, Blackboard Faculty Access, and Blackboard errors should contact the Helpdesk (a part of Computing Services) as their first point of contact.  Their contact information is ext. 1208 (on campus), 910-893-1208 (off campus), or

Blackboard 24/7 Support

Blackboard questions and tutorials outside of business hours can be addressed by Blackboard 24/7 Support.  Blackboard 24/7 Support can be reached at 1-866-886-4846.  Blackboard 24/7 Support cannot reset your username or password for any Campbell University System.

For all other technical assistance, please contact the Helpdesk, who will route the calls to the appropriate individuals.

Department of Online Education

If after the prior options, you are not able to get a resolution to your needs, please contact the Department of Online Education at Campbell University to assist you at ext. 7899 (on campus), 910-893-7899 (off campus), 1-866-317-6872 (toll-free), or email us at  Please record the toll free number or the off campus number in your phone as you can reach the following departments by this number:
Option 1: Online Undergraduate Programs
Option 2: Online Master of Education Program
Option 3: Blackboard 24/7 Support
Option 4: Helpdesk
Option 0: University Operator