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Campbell Divinity honors retired professor with newly named center

October 27, 2016

OASIS creates a space for rejuvenation for worship leaders

July 19, 2016

Pastor’s Health Summit a ‘rejuvenating experience’

June 9, 2016

Campbell Divinity graduates urged to take up the mantle even when it’s a struggle

May 13, 2016

Campbell Divinity names Dr. Caleb O. Oladipo Chair of Christian Evangelism and Missions

May 9, 2016

Campbell Divinity honors retiring Senior Professor of World Religions George Braswell

March 17, 2016

Rev. Dr. Felicia LaBoy to deliver Cammack Preaching Lectures March 14-15

March 9, 2016

Campbell Divinity hosts Segue Youth Choir Concert to encourage youth choir ministries

March 2, 2016

Dr. Creed at Divinity Commissioning: The mission begins with receiving & being willing to be sent

February 10, 2016

Campbell receives its largest-ever humanities grant to establish youth theology institute

December 9, 2015

Duke professor, race & Christianity scholar to deliver Reavis Lecture 9/29

September 28, 2015

Campbell Divinity names Peter Donlon new Director of Church Relations & Development

August 5, 2015

‘Relevant’ OASIS conference helping church leaders find renewal for 5 years

July 15, 2015

Campbell Divinity faculty co-edit, contribute to most recent Review & Expositor journal

February 27, 2015

Campbell Divinity School co-sponsors Segue youth choir event Feb. 8

January 31, 2014

Professor to lead Prevatte Lectures on Book of Daniel

October 10, 2012

Divinity professor’s dissertation chosen for series

January 26, 2012