The Campbell To-Do List

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How to know what's going on

To know more about the items on the Campbell To-Do List and to stay up-to-date on events throughout the year, keep an eye on Campbell’s Events calendar and visit these units’ sites and follow them on social media:

Also follow the university's main social media accounts managed by the University Communications office:


We asked our social media followers and people around campus to name the things that Campbell students should do at least once before they graduate. Here’s a list of what they said. See how many you have done -- and what else you have left to do. A tip: You can cross off a good many of these during Welcome Week. 

1. Take a selfie with Gaylord.

2. Join a student club, group, or organization. 

3. Attend a career or professional fair.

4. Complete an internship.

5. Be in the Homecoming parade.

6. Play mud volleyball.

7. Eat cereal for dinner at Marshbanks.

8. Ride a camel.

9. Get a photo of yourself sitting on the camel statue.

10. Make lifelong friends.

11. Attend at least one sporting event for the all the Fighting Camels athletic teams.

12. Start exams with Midnight Breakfast (and get a free T-shirt).


13. Attend at least one CAB event, as well as its spring concert.



14. Go on a CAB trip.


15. Attend a tailgate before a football game.

16. Run with the camels, in the Running of the Camels 5K.

17. Get involved with the Student Government Association, whether by running for office, attending a meeting, or voting for your representatives.

18. Attend the SGA's Christmas tree lighting ceremony on the Academic Circle.

19. Compete in the cardboard boat race.


20. Join an intramural or club sports team.

21. Get involved in student media, which include The Campbell Times, the Lyricist, and the Pine Burr yearbook.

22. Attend the New Student Convocation, receive your medallion, and keep it as a keepsake.

23. Take a picture sitting on the wall bearing “Campbell University” on Leslie Campbell Avenue.

24. Purchase a class ring and attend the Ring Ceremony.

25. Attend a campus worship service on a Sunday evening.

26. Make a wish at one of the fountains on campus.

27. Play a game of FootGolf -- or even traditional golf -- at our Keith Hills Golf Club.

28. Play a round of disc golf on our disc golf course.

29. Fill up a bag with free items from the Street Fair.

30. Study abroad for a semester or during the summer.

31. Volunteer on campus or in the surrounding community, and participate in the university-wide days of service.

32. Be featured on or on one of the banners around campus.

33. Support local businesses and organizations. To suggest a few:

34. Get a job on campus, like with the student call team or with the tutoring center.

35. Participate in a mission trip.

36. Go to class. And study. And graduate. Make the most of it.

Photos by Jordan Gum, Haven Hottel, Billy Liggett, Bill Parish, and Bennett Scarborough. 

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