Senior artists on display at E.P. Sauls Gallery

December 3, 2012 | 3 Comments

Senior artists on display at E.P. Sauls Gallery

BUIES CREEK - The works of two talented senior art majors is on display through Dec. 15, in the E.P. Sauls Gallery at Campbell University’s Taylor Bott Rogers Fine Arts Building.

As a prerequisite to graduation, artists Amanda Williams and Brooke Stewart must have their works shown during their final semester. Both students will graduate on Dec. 15, and both will earn double degrees in studio art and graphic design.
Below are short bios provided by the artists.


Growing up, I saw myself following in my father’s footsteps (I had a huge “I wanna be like my Daddy” complex) by becoming a mechanic and drag racer. It didn’t help that my dad would get me to watch movies with him that were based around racing, like Heart like a Wheel.

I took art classes in elementary school, but I didn’t plan on maintaining the artistic path. My life’s perspective changed when my dad was in an accident one evening, just a day or so before I was to start the sixth grade.

For the months, my dad was in a coma, and I couldn’t think properly. When he passed on Dec. 27, 2000, I really didn’t know what to do.

I eventually started taking more art classes; I used the art as a way to help handle the grief and loss of my father. Art became an outlet for my life. So through the rest of my middle school and high school career, my talents grew and my capabilities as an artist strengthened.

I’ve come to appreciate and love art.

After I graduated high school in June 2007, I attended Sandhills Community College. It was at SCC where I began using charcoal, pastels, pen and ink (aside from graphite, which I was more comfortable with). I also learned more about painting, a medium that I still am learning. I was introduced to printmaking, professional photography and art history (to a level that I have never been) and well-known artists.

It was at SCC where I broadened my artistic skills and techniques. I also found mediums that I preferred over others (like drawing techniques over acrylic painting). I graduated from SCC with an associates in fine arts in 2010.

That following year in August, I started my journey in completing my bachelors in art at Campbell University. I had wonderful professors who helped hone my skills and techniques even further. At Campbell, I learned the art of not smearing charcoal, keeping it fresh and untouched, I also learned to draw from real-life with live human models.

The idea of drawing from life was scary at first, but I eventually got the hang of it, and my techniques down. I was introduced to working with clay, which I found to be quite relaxing, and I enjoyed creating unique pieces of work with hidden meanings. I obtained an internship working with Fuquay-Varina artist Cindy Morefield. Working with Mrs. Morefield, I learned more about painting, and I got to observe her working on her reservoir pieces, which was an amazing and intricate piece of work. I helped with her website and learned I needed to learn more about html codes.

I also was able to help with setting up a gallery show, and I got to watch her entertain people who came to visit her studio.

Overall, I enjoyed my time. On Dec. 15, I will be graduating with a bachelor in arts with a double major in studio art and graphic design.


I have shown artistic enthusiasm and talent since I was very young.  

I was only in middle school when the idea of making art into a career was brought to me by my art teacher. At that time, and up until I graduated from Triton High School in 2008, I had planned to be a veterinarian.  

While I took several sciences and other classes to prepare me for veterinary school, I was also taking art classes. My teachers and classmates were impressed by my work, and I was encouraged to enter some pieces into an art show during my senior year. I won first and second place in two divisions, which meant I got a cash prize.

That was all it took to get me really thinking about a career in art. However, I was still stuck on being a veterinarian. Once I started taking college level science classes at Campbell University, it did not take long before my major changed to graphic design.  

It has been four and a half years, and I have just finished an internship at a screen printing and embroidery company.

I will graduate on Dec. 15, double majoring in graphic design and studio art. I plan to get some work experience for a few years and then go to graduate school.

I can definitely say that I have enjoyed it and look forward to my future in this field.

What exactly do I want to do? I am not completely sure, but I will always do art and share my talent.


I am so very proud of my daughter. She has came a long way, and I know her father would be so proud of all she has achieved.
        I love you

By Donna Williams on December 14, 2012 - 6:56pm

What great artists and young ladies!  You both make your dean Campbell proud :)

Best wishes for great careers and lives.

By Dr. Mark Hammond, Dean of the College of Arts and on December 6, 2012 - 9:46am

Brooke’s mother and I are very proud of her. It is going to seem strange not to have some kind of art project lying around the house. We love you baby girl.

By William Stewart on December 3, 2012 - 3:29pm

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