Employee Giving Campaign looks to build on record year

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Employee Giving Campaign looks to build on record year

BUIES CREEK — Employee giving helps Campbell University far beyond the monetary reasons.

In addition to building pride among the faculty and staff here, having a high percentage of employees who give back helps the University in its request for grants. And businesses, corporations and foundations are more likely to support a school whose employees have a high rate of support as well.

These are some of the important points being driven home by annual fund director Peggy Mason (BBA ’92, MBA ’97), who has launched the 2013 Annual Employee Giving Campaign. A record 89 percent of Campbell employees gave back in 2012, up from 83 percent the previous year and 61 percent back in 2008.

Mason said the goal this year is 100 percent ... not an unreachable mark considering the percentage growth over the years.

“This University’s faculty and staff have a huge impact, and sometimes they don’t realize their importance,” Mason said. “The people here are what make Campbell truly special. And it’s taken everyone working together over the years to make Campbell great.”


While the primary focus of the Annual Employee Giving Campaign is the Annual Fund, employees can choose another area of Campbell they want to support. As long as there is a gift account for that area of interest — such as one of the University’s seven schools or athletics — money can be designated for that specific Campbell school or program.

“Everything we do as employees makes Campbell a better place,” said Mason. “This just allows us to make our best gift possible to a program or an area that we would like to help.”

It costs approximately $163 a minute to operate Campbell University — providing funds for scholarships (including one of the university’s best benefits for employees, the faculty/staff scholarship for themselves or their dependent children), paying salaries, covering health care costs, paying utilities, etc. — and roughly $104 of that expenditure is covered by student tuition. The remaining $59 per minute is dependent upon gifts of support from faculty, staff and alumni to the Annual Fund.

To make your gift, visit http://www.campbell.edu/give

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