Class of 2014 profiles: Caleb Johnson

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Class of 2014 profiles: Caleb Johnson

Caleb Johnson ’14 transferred to Campbell unsure if he would fit in at the school. With law school up next and a Homecoming King crown under his belt, it’s safe to say he thrived here.

When Caleb Johnson transferred to Campbell University two years ago, he wasn’t sure if he would fit in at the school. He was a commuting student, and he had been homeschooled for high school, he said. It’s probably safe to say, though, that he found a home at Campbell. He was its 2013 Homecoming King.

“I deeply appreciate the atmosphere at Campbell that allows students of all types to thrive and prosper,” he said.

Campbell has a hospitable and welcoming environment, he added, which allowed him to get involved quickly. His first year at Campbell, as a junior, he joined the Student Government Association. His senior year, he was elected to the Student Government Executive and made chair of its Environment Committee. As chair, he worked with fellow students to initiate more recycling on campus. He also has been a mentor with CUFS 100, or the Campbell University Freshman Seminar.

In addition, a history major, he got a student job working for the Department of History, Criminal Justice & Political Science. “This connection proved invaluable for my academic career by the time I needed reference letters and internships,” he said. “The faculty in the history department were more than generous in helping me achieve my goals.”

Those goals include earning a law degree. In the fall, he’ll attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's School of Law. There, he hopes to find what he also found at Campbell. “As I look back on my time at Campbell,” he said, “it does not surprise me that I, an unlikely candidate, was able to plug in and feel so welcome.” —Cherry Crayton