WCCE Tower removed from Campbell campus

March 8, 2009 | Leave a Comment


On Thursday, March 5, crane operators removed the final pieces of the WCCE radio station from the Campbell University campus. The tower, transmitter and all studio equipment were removed from the Science Building.

Launched in October 1974 to serve Campbell College and the surrounding Harnett County community, WCCE experimented with a variety of formats over the years, including easy-listening, educational as well as contemporary Christian music. It also served as a valuable teaching facility for future broadcasters. Aside from two full-time staff members, the station was operated entirely by students.

Campbell University stopped operations of WCCE in May 2007 and it was eventually purchased by RTN radio network.

For long-time radio station manager Travis Autry, the removal of the tower was bittersweet.

"For many years the tower represented WCCE to the outside world. It was always comforting to look up and see it there," said Autry. "For much of my adult life, WCCE was my second home. The removal of the tower, transmitter and other equipment signifies the final closing of that chapter of my life and that of WCCE at Campbell University."

Autry continues to serve the Campbell University community in the Audio/Visuals department.