Super energetic and easy to use: Campbell unveils new Website

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Buies Creek, N.C.-Click on and discover a livelier, more efficient new Website that is easier to use. Officially unveiled on Monday, Dec. 12, Campbell's new site has been called more intuitive, another evolution in the journey toward excellence.

Web Designer/Administrator Jason Bray explained the rationale behind the new concept.

"My first job as Web designer at Campbell was to update the old Website, which was sort of a first step in getting us to the best Website we could have," Bray said. "This new Web site is a continuation of that process of innovation and improvement."

Campbell's new site features colorful photographic animation that cycles throughout, including laughing, excited students; flaming orange-wigged athletic fans; the Fighting Camel football players; cheerleaders, representatives from C.U.'s numerous clubs and organizations and much more. The animated Home Page is not only designed to appeal to current students, but new and potential students as well. It differs greatly in both appearance and navigational structure, Bray added.

"We did away with the drop-down menus and re-categorized all of the sections so that there are less categories and fewer steps users must perform to retrieve information," he said.

For example, clicking on any of the four major categories on the Home Page allows users to access any and all of the information they will need-from a complete list of undergraduate programs to common sense guides to easy, on-line application for both undergraduates and graduates. The new Website also allows administrators, faculty and staff to edit Home Pages without going through the Web designer. If there is a date that needs changing or an event that has been canceled, it can be changed automatically by an individual or the department.

"We tried to avoid making super drastic changes because that is just too confusing," Bray said. "But we did streamline the navigation process and added new graphics and flexibility to the site."

Dr. Michael Ray Smith, professor of Mass Communication, is already impressed.

"The new Campbell University Web site has an airy, breezy feel," he said. "It's clean and attractive. Web Designer Jason Bray has used orange, a tough color in design, to make a warm, inviting page that will appeal across generations."

Photo Copy: Campbell University's new home page.

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