Day is new Director of Financial Aid at Campbell University

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Michelle Day began her new post as Director of Financial Aid at Campbell University on Nov. 9, 2009. Her extensive career involves working in both the field of higher education and with the Datatel system.

"I want to make sure our department utilizes the software we have available to the fullest extent," she said. "This will improve customer service and speed up the financial aid process, which will allow us to serve the students even better with our efficiency."

Financial Aid is one of the key departments for the success of a university.

"85-90% of some sort of aid has a direct effect on cash flow, enrollment and retention," said Day.

She jokingly said, "No one grows up wanting to go into financial aid. You just do it and once it's in your blood, that's what you do. You love it or hate it, and I love it. I've been working in financial aid since 1987."

Day began her career as the Financial Aid Accounting Supervisor at the University of Utah and as the Financial Aid Assistant Director at the SD School of Mines and Technology. Later, she coordinated the implementation of the Financial Aid and Admissions processes for the Enrollment Services Center in cooperation with six universities in South Dakota. She also worked as a Financial Aid Consultant and helped to implement a financial aid program in the 58 colleges of the North Carolina Community College system. In 2006, she became a Financial Aid Product Manager at Datatel, Inc.

Michelle and her husband Patrick reside in Cary. She is a Lifetime Member of the Girl Scouts of America and enjoys reading, opera and NASCAR.

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