Campbell’s RTP campus launches new Web site

June 28, 2009 | Leave a Comment

Raleigh, N.C.-Campbell University's RTP campus launched its own Web site on Monday, June 15. Designed by Rising Stream Media (RSM) of Raleigh, N.C., the site is harmonious with the main campus Web site, while at the same time unique to the RTP campus.

"We made it a point to be consistent with the main campus design," said RSM Web designer Michelle Byrd. "The site has the same template, but it appeals to a different demographic."

Students enrolled at Campbell's extended campuses are primarily adults who have already attended college, technical school or a community college. They are people who are going back to school to get a degree, trying to begin a second career or improve on their existing set of professional skills.

"This Web site is more of a tool to find resources specific to the RTP campus," said Byrd. "Those who are looking for application forms, registration dates, degree programs offered, class schedules or tuition costs, for example."

The site's top header is an interactive flash piece that allows the visitor to select a degree program and learn about its specifics. Campbell's RTP campus offers bachelor's degrees in health science, social science with a criminal justice concentration, applied science, business administration, information technology and business administration with a concentration in accounting.

"A lot of people really don't know about the extended campuses and what they have to offer," said Byrd. "This is specific to the RTP campus, consolidated and easy to navigate."

Lee A. Drum, Jr., Faculty Coordinator of the RTP campus, said the campus is currently in Phase I of the Web site project and will eventually have video and other technology that will further enhance the campus to bring in quality students from the RTP area.

"We grappled with how to draw attention to the RTP campus," said Drum. "We felt that since we, as well as the other extended campuses are all unique, students and potential students needed to see what was going on here. Through some investigation and strong backing from Tom Harris, dean of Campbell University's Extended Campus Education, and RTP Director Rich Zanone, we quickly found a Web site would not only be a great information device but an even better marketing tool."

Among the marketing benefits is the ability to update and change information immediately and to gear the site's message to its student demographic.

"Like anything new, there will be a few glitches," said Drum. "But we're ready to handle those. For now, we are very proud to have our domain: and eagerly await the completion of the other extended campus Web sites."