Running of the Camels 5k

The winners for the 2014 Running of the Camels 5k are...

Students (Non-Student-Athletes): Male (Chris Schulist), Female (Chelsey Bush)
Student-Athletes: Male (Amon Terer, Track) & Female (Brittany Whitt, Track)
Staff: Male (Trevor Chinn, Assistant Wrestling Coach) & Female (Maren Hess, Assistant Provost for Institutional Research, Assessment & Accreditation)
Faculty: Male (Dr. Tim Bloom, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences) & Female (Dr. Jennifer Bunn, Exercise Science)

Download a complete list of race results for the 425+ participants

Footage from the 2014 race

Running of the Camels 5k 2014 from campbelluniversity on Vimeo.