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Spring 2014 Recruitment Schedule

The Campbell University Greek Life community offers undergraduate students a fraternal experience that complements the mission of the University. With support from various partnerships around campus, the Greek Life community challenges and educates students in the areas of integrity, commitment, accountability, leadership, cultural awareness, personal and group development, scholarship, and civic service and responsibility.


Graduate Assistant for Greek Life

Cody Oxendine is responsible for providing leadership, direction and advising to the University’s organizations.  Cody is also responsible for developing programming and workshops, managing membership and recruitment, organizing risk management, and administering all logistics for the Greek Life Office. Cody’s office is located in the bottom floor of Baldwin Hall, office 003.  He can be reached at (910) 814-4915 or at


Inter-Greek Council

Currently, the Inter-Greek Council consists of students, faculty and staff appointed by the Vice President for Student Life. The Council has the tasks of creating and administering guidelines for fraternal organizations concerning recruitment, expansion, academic standards, risk management, meetings, social events, drug and alcohol use, hazing, sexual abuse and harassment, financial management, organization education programs, academic performance standards, organization service and philanthropy, and any other activities determined appropriate.

Greek Organizations


Kappa Sigma

         Kappa Sigma


      Phi Delta Theta

     Kappa Alpha Order



   Sigma Alpha Omega


           Delta Phi Epsilon