Student Automobile Registration

The 2015-2016 parking decal fee for students is $190.00.  Students may register their vehicles online by going to

Vehicle Operations and Parking Jurisdiction

The University Campus Safety Office is responsible for enforcing traffic and parking regulations on the university campus, as well as providing for the security of the campus. While reasonable efforts are made to ensure the security of parking lots, the university cannot assume responsibility for personally owned vehicles and will not reimburse students and/or parents for damage and/or property loss.

Parking Rules and Regulations are enforced 24 hours a day throughout the calendar year, including all breaks, holidays and summer months. These regulations apply whether or not classes are in session.

All violations may be dealt with through the issuance of a university parking citation.  However, local law enforcement agents may issue handicap violations according to North Carolina law. Fines for university parking citations will be automatically charged to the student’s account. 


Notice of an appeal must be brought to the Parking Services Office, in writing, within 3 school days of receiving the citation.  Appeals will be addressed by the University Traffic Committee. The committee is composed of 2 faculty/staff representatives, 2 students (SGA members appointed by Vice President for Student Life), the Director of Campus Safety, the Director of Facilities Management, and the Parking Administrator.  The Traffic Committee will meet as needed.

Vehicle Registration

Faculty/Staff and students (undergraduate, graduate, professional school and/or special) attending Campbell University and all residents of Campbell-owned housing, who own and/or operate a motor vehicle (including motorcycles and motor scooters) on the campus are required to register their vehicles with Parking Services and properly display the issued permit.


The following general rules apply:

  • All vehicles parked on campus must be registered with Parking Services and display a current permit.
  • The student to whom a permit is issued is responsible for all violations accumulated by that vehicle.
  • Students and Faculty/Staff must re-register if:
    • parking permit is lost or
    • student or faculty/staff changes vehicles.  The old permit must be removed from the initial vehicle and returned to Parking Services to be issued a replacement for the new vehicle at no additional fee.  If a permit is stolen, the student or faculty/staff must come by Parking Services to report the stolen permit and a new permit will be issued at no additional fee.
  • Only the current permit is to be displayed; all others must be removed.
  • A student changing residence halls, apartments, or moving off campus, should remove the old permit and return it to Parking Services to be issued a parking permit corresponding to the new location. This will be done at no additional fee.
  • The employment of a student’s spouse by the university does not affect his/her status for vehicle registration purposes; students must still register vehicles that they own or operate.
  • A student may not drive or park a vehicle on campus that displays a faculty/staff parking permit.
  • You may only register a vehicle that is for your personal use.
  • Students employed by the university as graduate assistants are required to purchase a Student permit and do not qualify for the faculty/staff parking permit.

Unregistered Vehicles

Unregistered vehicles parked on campus without a current, properly displayed, parking permit will be subject to booting on the first offense. If a vehicle is immobilized, all fines must be paid and a parking permit purchased in addition to the $65.00 administrative fee for removal of the boot.  Leaving a note attached to the vehicle, requesting “do not ticket” does not suffice for calling/notifying the Parking office.

Faculty/Staff Registration

Faculty/Staff are required to register their vehicles yearly and must abide by the parking policies. Two vehicles may be registered per faculty/staff employee.  Parking permits are non-transferable.  If you should acquire a different vehicle, other than the one you have registered with the Parking Services Office, you will need to remove the old permit and return to the Parking office to be issued a new permit. 


All students registering a vehicle are required to pay a fee. The amount of the fee is determined by the Board of Trustees and published in the Business Office’s Supplement to the Campbell University Bulletin.  ALL students are limited to one car on campus per year.  Vehicle registration fees will be charged to the student’s account.


Immediately after receipt, parking permits MUST be permanently affixed to motor vehicles as described by the instructions below and, on the permit.

Permits should be placed in one of the following areas:

  • Lower left side of the rear window (driver’s side, bottom of back window).
  • Convertibles only: bottom of left side rear bumper (driver’s side back bumper).

Temporary Permits

Temporary permits may be issued to students and faculty/staff (who have a current permit) at the Parking Services Office, 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. or, the Campus Safety Office, open 24 hours, under the following circumstances: 

  • In the event a vehicle other than the one permanently registered is being used temporarily on campus.

A note affixed to the vehicle is not accepted as a temporary permit. 

Students requesting a temporary permit, who have not already registered a vehicle with Parking Services, can purchase a temporary permit (valid for 1 week) for $25.00.  This amount will be charged to the student’s account.

Visitor/Alumni/Parents and Vendor Parking Passes

Visitors to the campus, such as parents, alumni, student visitors, and vendors (but not Campbell students), are asked to obtain a visitor parking pass from Parking Services or Campus Safety located in the Campus Safety Building.  Campus Safety is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Parking Lots

Students are required to park in their assigned lots between the hours of 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., Monday – Friday.

Parking lots are assigned on the basis indicated below. Spaces in each lot are defined either by painted lines or concrete bumpers.

  • Commuting Students: (This includes: Medical, Pharmacy and Divinity students) Lots C, E, H, I, K, L, N, Q, T, X, KK, & PB, are designated for the general commuting student population. A commuter permit will be issued and commuting students may park in any of these lots as space is available.
  • Stadium Apartment Students: A distinctive permit will be issued to residential students of Stadium Apartments.  These students may park in any commuting lot listed above as well as their Stadium parking.
  • Reserved Spaces: All lots on campus have designated spaces for faculty/staff, handicapped, visitors, 30-minute parking, etc.  Do not park in these spaces (unless this applies to you) or you will be subject to towing.
  • Timed parking: Timed parking will be maintained between 7a.m. and 7p.m. Monday through Friday.  Timed parking in the Visitors parking lot is for Barnes and Noble Bookstore and Chick-Fil-A customers.

South Campus includes Faculty Memorial Commons, Bob Barker, Small, McCall, Sauls, Burkot, and Murray Halls.  All upperclassmen residing on South Campus will be issued a South Campus permit and may park in lots M, U, W, or BB with an overflow lot of "Y".  South Campus does not include Stadium Apartments.   

Y Lot- All freshmen students residing in a residence hall on South Campus are required to park in Y Lot.   You must park in your assigned lot from 7a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.             

North Campus includes Bryan, Day, Jones, Hedgpeth, Pat Barker, Powell, Strickland, Kitchin and Baldwin Halls. All students residing in a residence hall on North Campus will be issued a North Campus permit and are required to park as listed below:  

  • Bryan, Day, Jones, Hedgpeth, Powell, Pat Barker, and Strickland Halls- Lots "H" & “PB"
  • Kitchin and Baldwin Halls-  Lot “C”.

Stadium Apartments has designated spaces for Stadium Apartments residents ONLYStadium residents will be issued a Stadium permit and may park in Commuter Lots C, E, H, I, K, L, N, Q, T, X, KK, and PB when on main campus.

Parking Violations

  • Parking in or blocking vehicular access to fire lanes and/or handicapped spaces
  • Parking in reserved spaces (i.e., University President, Provost, and Vice Presidents)• Parking in a "No Parking" or "Restricted Parking Area"
  • Parking other than within a designated space (between two white lines) in any lot
  • Parking beside or in yellow-painted areas and on yellow painted curbs• Parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant
  • Parking on the grass or in landscaped area• Parking on sidewalks (brick and/or cement)• Double parking• Parking in the traffic lanes of parking lots
  • Parking in streets and/or driveways impeding normal or emergency traffic
  • Parking in RD spaces• Parking on campus without a valid permit• Parking in "D" lot (visitors and handicapped only)
  • Exceeding the allotted time in timed parking areas
  • Parking in a handicapped or handicapped access space

Lack of convenient parking is not an excuse for violations.


Penalties for failing to observe university parking regulations include, but are not limited to: fines, loss of parking privileges, booting of your vehicle and towing of your vehicle at your expense. The person to whom the vehicle is registered at Parking Services is responsible for all citations, boots, and/or tows to that vehicle.


The following fines have been established for parking violations:

2015-2016 Parking Fines:

Offense Fine
Parking in wrong lot $55.00
Parking over allotted time $55.00
Parking in faculty/staff space $55.00
Failure to display current decal $55.00
Parking in visitors/reserved space $55.00
Parking next to an adjacent line $40.00
Parking on grass $40.00
Parking in unmarked space $40.00
Failing to properly display parking decal $40.00
Failure to move for events $15.00
Parking in a fire lane $95.00
Parking in handicapped space $125.00


The parking office is under no obligation to contact the owner, operator or registrant of a vehicle at the time it is booted or towed.

Vehicles may be booted for the following:

  • Failure to display a current campus permit.  No prior notification required
  • 4 or more violations
  • Parking in a “Reserved” space/area

If vehicle is immobilized with a boot, the student must come to Parking Services, located at Campus Safety, to resolve the matter so the boot may be removed.  A $65.00 administrative fee will be charged to the student’s account.

Student has up to 48 hours to resolve this matter.  After 48 hours, the vehicle will be towed at owner’s expense, permit will be removed and a new decal will need to be purchased to park on campus. 


The parking office is under no obligation to contact the owner, operator or registrant of a vehicle at the time it is booted or towed.

Vehicles may be towed, at the owner’s expense, without prior notification, if any of the circumstances listed below apply. When a vehicle is towed as a result of multiple parking violations, the parking permit will be removed at the time of towing, and a $65.00 administrative fee will be charged to the student’s account.  Another permit will need to be purchased to park on campus (“Y” Lot ONLY).  The following violations are cause for a vehicle to be towed:

  • Parking in or blocking access to fire lanes and/or handicapped spaces
  • Parking on-campus after parking privileges have been revoked for excessive parking violations
  • Inhibiting the flow of traffic or blocking entrances to parking areas, buildings, loading zones….
  • Parking along marked curbs
  • Any vehicle that has been booted in the academic year can be towed for any further violations
  • Receiving 5 or more parking violations
  • Parking in a reserved space
  • Abandoned or disabled vehicles are subject to towing within 48 hours, at owner’s expense, unless the owner notifies Parking Services in person.  The owner must make arrangements with the wrecker service to retrieve the vehicle.  This fee may not be charged to a university student account.

Towing of vehicle will result in loss of permit.  Another permit will need to be purchased to park on campus. 

Motorcycles, Motor Scooters, Mopeds and Golf Carts

Motorcycles, motor scooters and mopeds, as defined by North Carolina Motor Vehicle laws, are considered motor vehicles and must comply with all appropriate rules and regulations as set forth in the University Traffic and Parking regulations. Golf carts can only be used if approved by the Vice President for Student Life and must comply with all rules and regulations as set forth in the University Traffic and Parking regulations.


All bicycles must be registered and permits obtained from the Parking Services Office.  Bicycles are to be secured only to bicycle racks strategically located on campus. Parking and securing of bicycles in any location other than bicycle racks is prohibited. Bikes parked in an unauthorized area (i.e., handicapped ramps, university signs, posts, attached to railings, left in doorways or in stairwells, etc.) or in any other location that in any manner obscures the free ingress or egress of any building, thus interfering with the access to facilities as required by the U.S. Americans with Disabilities Act, will result in the removal of the bike by the Campus Safety Office.  It is not necessary to obtain a new permit each school year if the bicycle has previously been issued a permit from Parking Services.  Any bicycle left on campus after the end of the academic year will be collected and donated to charity.