Vehicle Operations and Parking Jurisdiction

The University Campus Safety Office is responsible for enforcing traffic and parking regulations on the University campus, as well as providing for the security of the campus. While reasonable efforts are made to ensure the security of parking lots, the University cannot assume responsibility for personally owned motor vehicles and will not reimburse students and/or parents for damage and/or property loss.

Parking Rules and Regulations will be enforced 365 days a year.

All violations may be dealt with through the issuance of a university parking ticket; however local law enforcement agents may issue handicap violations according to North Carolina law. If you receive a state or county citation you must pay the fine at the Magistrates Office in Lillington, NC.

Students are required to pay the fines for university parking tickets, or give notice of appeal, within five school days at the Parking Administration Office; located in the Campus Safety Building. Failure to respond to tickets within the required period will result in fines being charged directly to the student’s account.


A student wishing to appeal a parking ticket must advise the Parking Administration Office within five school days of receiving the ticket. Appeals will be addressed by the University Traffic Committee. The Committee is composed of 2 faculty/staff representatives, 2 students (SGA members appointed by Vice President for Student Life), the Director of Campus Safety, the Director of Facilities Management , and the  Parking Administrator.  The Traffic Committee will meet as needed.

Vehicle Registration

Faculty/Staff members and students (undergraduate, graduate, professional school and/or special) attending Campbell University and all residents of Campbell-owned housing, who own and/or operate a motor vehicle (including motorcycles and motor scooters) on the campus are required to register their vehicles with Parking Administration and properly display the issued decal.

The following general rules apply:

  • All vehicles driven on campus must be registered with Parking Administration.
  • The student to whom a registration decal is issued is responsible for all violations accumulated by that vehicle.
  • Students must re-register a vehicle if the Parking Decal is lost or the student changes vehicles.
  • Only the current decal is to be displayed; all others must be removed.
  • A student changing Residence Halls and/or Apartments should contact Parking Administration to be issued a parking decal corresponding to the new location, if needed. This will be done at no additional charge.
  • The employment of a student’s spouse by the University does not affect his/her status for vehicle registration purposes; he/she must still register vehicles that he/she owns or operates as a student.
  • A student provided with a motor vehicle for his/her principal use by a University faculty or staff member must register the motor vehicle in accordance with the vehicle regulations pertaining to student registration. However, the registration fee will be waived.
  • You may only register a vehicle that is for your personal use.

Unregistered Vehicles

Unregistered vehicles parked on campus without a current parking decal may be subject to booting on the first offense. If a vehicle is immobilized, all fines must be paid and a parking decal purchased in addition to $60 administrative fee to have the boot removed from the vehicle.

Faculty/Staff Registration

All University Faculty and Staff members are required to register their vehicles and must abide by the parking policies as outlined in this document. Two vehicles may be registered per faculty/staff member; however if it is necessary to register more than two vehicles, proof of ownership must be documented for those vehicles.


All students registering a vehicle are required to pay a fee. The amount of the fee is determined by the Board of Trustees and published in the Business Office’s Supplement to the Campbell University Bulletin. Boarding students are limited to one car on campus per year. Commuting students may register two cars per year provided that the appropriate fees are paid. Vehicle registration fees will be charged to the student’s account.


Parking decals must be permanently affixed to motor vehicles as described by the manufacturer’s instructions (attached to the decal) immediately after receipt.

Decals should be placed in one of the following areas.

  • Lower left side of the rear window (driver’s side, bottom of back window).
  • Convertibles only: bottom of  left side rear bumper (driver’s side back bumper).

Temporary Permits

Temporary permits may be issued to students and faculty/staff at the Parking Administration Office, or the Campus Safety Office under the following circumstances:

In the event a vehicle other than the one permanently registered is being used temporarily on campus.

Upon presentation of a signed statement from a Physician or The Student Health Services Department, temporarily disabled students and/or Faculty/Staff may receive temporary handicapped parking privileges. Handicapped spaces are available for those who qualify (those in wheelchairs, braces, crutches, etc.). Exceptions are spaces assigned to specific handicap individuals.

Students requesting a Temporary Tag and HAVE NOT already registered a vehicle with Parking Services, will be charged per week to park on campus.

Visitor Parking Passes

Visitors to the campus, such as parents and vendors (but not Campbell Students), are asked to obtain a parking pass from the Campus Safety Office. The passes are normally provided for periods of short duration only, and are to be displayed from the rearview mirror of the vehicle for which they are issued. Visitor parking passes entitle the holder to park in any designated space except handicapped and reserved.

Parking Lots

Students are required to park only in their assigned lots between 7am and 7pm, Monday through Friday.

Parking lots are assigned on the basis indicated below. Spaces in each lot are defined either by painted lines or concrete bumpers.

  • Commuting Students: Lots K, P, Q, R, & C are designated for the general commuting student population. A common decal will be issued and commuting students may park in any of these lots as space is available.
  • Commuting Pharmacy/Medical School Students: A distinctive decal will be issued to commuting pharmacy/medical school students. These students may park in any commuting lot (listed above).
  • Stadium Apartment Students: A distinctive decal will be issued to residential students of Stadium Apartments.
  • Reserved Spaces: All lots on campus have designated spaces for faculty, staff, handicapped, visitors, and 30-minute parking, etc. Do not park in these spaces or be subject to towing.
  • Timed parking: Timed parking will be maintained from 7:00 A.M. until 7:00 P.M. Monday through Saturday.  Timed parking in the Visitors parking lot is for Bookstore and Chick-Fil-A customers.

South Campus includes Faculty Memorial Commons, Barker, Small, McCall, Sauls, Burkot, and Murray Halls. All freshmen (male and female) students residing in a residence hall on south campus are required to park in lot "Y" at all times. All upperclassmen will be issued a South Campus decal and may park in "M" lot with an overflow lot of "Y" from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday. South Campus does not include Stadium Apartments.

North Campus includes Bryan, Day, Jones, Hedgpeth, North, Powell, Strickland, Layton, Kitchin and Baldwin Halls. All resident students residing in a residence hall on North Campus are required to park in their assigned lot from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday (as listed below)

  • Bryan, Day, Jones, Hedgpeth, Powell, North, and Strickland Halls: Lots "A" & "R".
  • Kitchin & Baldwin Halls may park in the Lot “C”.

Stadium Apartments includes designated spaces at Stadium Apartments.

Parking Violations

The following violations will be enforced twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week:

  • Parking in or blocking vehicular access to fire lanes and/or "Handicapped" spaces.
  • Parking in reserved spaces (i.e. University President, Provost, and Vice Presidents).
  • Parking in a "No Parking" or "Restricted Parking Area".
  • Parking other than within a designated space in each lot.
  • Parking beside or in yellow-painted areas and on curbs painted yellow.
  • Parking in the paved area behind the post office that is reserved for Postal employees and US Mail vehicles only.
  • Parking overtime in the ten-minute spaces reserved for post office patrons.
  • Parking within 15 feet of fire hydrants.
  • Parking on the grass or in landscaped areas.
  • Parking on sidewalks (brick and/or cement).
  • Double Parking.
  • Parking in center of drive-through areas of parking lots.
  • Parking in streets and/or drive-ways as to impede normal or emergency traffic.
  • Parking in RD spaces.
  • Parking on campus without a valid permit.
  • Parking in "B" (visitors and handicap only).
  • Exceeding the allotted time in timed parking areas.
  • Parking in a handicap or handicap access space.
  • "Y" Lot decals must remain in "Y" Lot


Penalties for failing to observe university parking regulations include, but are not limited to: fines, loss of parking privileges, booting of vehicles and towing of vehicles. The person to whom the vehicle is registered at Parking Administration is responsible for all tickets to that vehicle.


The following fines have been established for parking violations. Once a 4th violation has been issued the vehicle will be immobilized with an auto boot. If a vehicle is immobilized, all fines must be paid in addition to $60 administrative fee to have the boot removed from the vehicle. Upon receiving a 5th violation a vehicle will be towed and parking privileges on Campbell University property will be suspended for the remainder of the semester, in addition a $60 administrative fee will be charged. Students may apply for a reinstatement of parking privileges at the beginning of the following semester.

2013-2014 Parking Fines:

  • Parking in wrong lot $45.00
  • Parking over allotted time $45.00
  • Parking in Faculty/Staff space $45.00
  • Failing to display current decal $45.00
  • Parking in visitors/reserved space $45.00
  • Parking next to an adjacent line $30.00
  • Parking on grass $30.00
  • Failing to provide Proof of ownership $30.00
  • Parking in un-marked space $30.00
  • Failing to display Parking Decal in proper place $30.00
  • Parking in fire lane $85.00
  • Parking in handicap space $115.00

Unregistered Vehicles

Unregistered vehicles parked on campus without a current parking decal may be subject to booting on the first offense.  If a vehicle is immobilized, all fines must be paid and a parking decal purchased in addition to a $60 administrative fee to have the boot removed from the vehicle.


Vehicles may be towed without prior notification, if any of the circumstances listed below apply. If a vehicle is towed as a result of multiple parking violations, the parking decal will be removed at the time of towing, and a $60 administrative fee will be charged to the student’s account. The following violations are cause for a vehicle to be towed:

  • Parking in or block access to Fire Lanes and/or Handicapped spaces.
  • Parking on-campus after having parking privileges revoked for excessive parking violations.
  • Inhibiting the flow of traffic or blocking entrances to parking areas, buildings, loading zones, etc.
  • Illegally parking in the paved lot behind the post office.
  • Abandoned vehicles will be removed after reasonable attempts to notify the owner.
  • Parking along marked curbs.
  • Receiving 5 or more parking violations.
  • Reserved Space.
  • Towing of vehicle will result in loss of decal.  Another decal will need to be purchased to park on campus.

Vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense. The owner must make arrangements with the Wrecker Service to retrieve the vehicle. This fee may not be charged to a university student account.

Motorcycles, Motor Scooters, Mopeds and Golf Carts

Motorcycles, motor scooters and mopeds, as defined by North Carolina Motor Vehicle laws, are considered motor vehicles and must comply with all appropriate rules and regulations as set forth in the University’s traffic and parking regulations. Golf Carts can only be used if approved by the Vice President for Student Life and must comply with all rules and regulations as set forth in the University Traffic and Parking regulations.


All bicycles must be registered and decals obtained from the Campus Safety Office.  Bicycles are to be secured only to bicycle racks located strategically on campus. Parking and securing of bicycles in any location other than bicycle racks is prohibited. Bikes parked in an unauthorized area (i.e. handicap ramps, university signs, posts, attached to railings, left in doorways or stairwells, etc.) or in any other location that in any manner obscures the free ingress / egress of any building, as to interfere with the access to facilities as required by the U.S. Americans with Disabilities Act, will result in the removal of the bike by the Department of Campus Safety.