Each room is furnished with basic furnishings for each student which includes:

  • Closet or Wardrobe
  • Desk and Chair
  • Single bed - 80" mattresses
  • Chest of drawers

Beds may be raised, lofted or bunked. Students may request a loft bed or bunk bed beginning move-in weekend in August. Requests cannot be made prior to move-in weekend. Students may not bring personal lofts.

Residence hall furnishings will not be removed from the rooms. Due to fire hazards, students are not allowed to bring couches, loveseats or overstuffed chairs. No chairs, chests, desks or beds will be removed from the rooms. All personal furnishings must be removed at the end of the academic year. Any personal furniture left in the room will be discarded and a charge will be made to the student’s account for removal of the items.

Window screens are not to be removed; passageways are not to be obstructed; and improper use or removal of furniture or fixtures is not permitted. The placing of unneeded or unwanted furniture in hallways or on balconies is a fire hazard and not permitted.