Room Changes

There will not be room changes during the first six weeks after the students arrive. After that time, students may request a room change. A room change is permitted only when a request is made through the Residence Life Office. Prior to making a room change, the student must complete a Room Change Request Form. The Director of Residential Living or Director of Student Conduct and Community Living must approve the request. When a room change is approved, the student will turn in the key to his/her current room and receive the key to the new room at the Residence Life Office. Keys are not to be exchanged among students. If a student is left with a private room after a room change has taken place, the student will be given the option of keeping the room private and paying the private room fee, or finding another roommate. If a student moves excessively within an academic year, a charge may be applied.

Private Rooms

Private room requests are granted when possible. A Private Room Request Form must be completed and turned in to the Residence Life Office. If a private room request is granted and the room is later needed for double occupancy, a second person will be assigned. Persons occupying a private room will be charged an additional fee of $675 per semester. In cases where an adjustment in the charges for a private room is necessary, the charges will be prorated on a weekly basis. Apartments/Barker Suites have only private rooms.


The Residence Life Office must efficiently and effectively utilize all available spaces in the residence halls. To accommodate the needs of all students, the Residence Life Office reserves the right to utilize the following consolidation policy as needed.

At any point during the semester, students may find themselves left in a room without a roommate. These students have the following consolidation options:

  1. Consolidate with another student in the same residence hall who is without a roommate or voluntarily move to a space in another residence hall.
  2. Request the Residence Life Office to reassign them to a double room with a roommate.
  3. Opt to pay the private room fee ($675.00 per semester) and remain alone in their room, only if space is available.
  4. Stay in the room by themselves without paying the private room fee. The Residence Life Office may assign another student to the room at any time. While students are there alone, they must occupy only half of the room and leave the other side for the room unused. Once a student is notified that they will be receiving a roommate, they cannot opt to pay for a private room at that time to prevent a new roommate from moving in.

Students who do not choose one of the above options will be charged the private room fee.