Check-out Procedures

A student’s semester ends upon the completion of his/her last exam. Residence hall rooms and apartment rooms are to be vacated by 5:00 p.m. on the day following the student’s final exam. The staff in residence halls and apartments must check out residential students who are vacating their rooms. To be checked out of his/her room, a student must remove all personal property, properly dispose of all trash and debris, sweep/vacuum the floor and lock all windows and doors. Any damage to the room and/or missing furnishings will be noted on the student’s checkout form. This form and the student’s key must be turned in to the staff in the residence halls or apartments. Residential students failing to properly check out prior to leaving school will be billed for the cost of changing the room and suite door locks. The students will also be billed for the cost of cleaning the room, repairing damages, moving personal property out of the room and replacing missing furnishings.

Students who leave school during a semester must check out of their rooms following the same procedure as outlined above. Failure to go through the process of checking out will result in the student continuing to be charged for the room as though he/she continues to occupy it.

  • Unplug all appliances (Including A/C and allow refrigerator time to defrost).
  • Make sure all lights are turned off.
  • Make sure all windows, blinds, and doors are closed and locked.
  • Remove all possessions from room and clean the room (End of the year only).
  • Make and keep a check-out appointment with the RA. If your RA is not available, any RA in your building can check you out.
  • Be present while the room is inspected for damages.
  • Sign the Check Out Form.
  • Return the key(s) to the RA (end of year).
  • Charges may be imposed to cover the cost of repairs, cleaning, removal and storage of possessions, and lock changes, if appropriate.