What you need:

·         Once a Year:

o   Coach Contract

§  Every Coach must have one of these completed before coaching a team. Signatures required are: Club President, Club Treasurer, Club Sports Coordinator, and Director of Campus Recreation.

o   Year End Report

§  Completed once a year by the last President’s meeting in March.

o   Acknowledgement of Consitituion

§  Signed by each President acknowledging they understand the CSC Constitution, and the Club Sport Manual.

·         Travel Forms: Ever Time you Travel:

o   Travel Request

§  Mandatory form in order for a club to travel to a match or tournament.

o   Transportation Manifest

§  Mandatory, to be filled out by the Club President, Vice President, or Treasurer.

·         Other Resources:

o   CSC Constitution

§  Governing Document for all sanctioned CU Club Sports.

o   Add CSC Manual of Club Sports (Not complete yet)

§  A more in depth document that covers all things relating to club sports in depth.

o   Sample Budget

§  Use this template to help develop your own forecasted budget for allocations, and other needs.