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Last update: August, 2013



Attendance at the Captain’s Meeting is mandatory! If a team fails to attend the meeting, they are subject to being dropped from the league and replaced by teams on the waiting list.
The Intramural Sports Department will not hold spots.

The forfeit deposit of $25/team must be paid at time of the captains meeting. The acceptable forms of payment are cash only!

Schedules for league play will be posted on the IM Leagues and will be available generally 2-4 days before your league is scheduled to start.

Please feel free to contact the Campus Recreation Office or the Intramural Coordinator, Carl Birch with any questions or concerns at 910-814-5513.


Please use the Rules and Regulations Manual as a resource throughout the year. If you are team captain, please inform your players of all of the guidelines in the handbook BEFORE your first contest.


1. START TIME: Teams are to be at the field and signed in before the official game time. If a team is not at the field and ready to play at the scheduled game time, that game will be declared a forfeit. It is recommended that teams arrive at the game site fifteen (15) minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

2. IDENTIFICATION: All participants must bring their current valid Campbell University identification card to the field area in order to be checked in and ruled eligible to participate prior to the beginning of each game. Late arriving players must sign in with a supervisor before entering the game.

3. SCORING: An official and scorekeeper will keep the score and clock.

4. FIELD RULES: Only officials, players (including substitutes), and one (1) coach per team wearing proper shoes are permitted on the field. TOBACCO USE IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Failure to comply with all Intramural Rules and Regulations for soccer and the Intramural Field Rules by spectators will result in immediate expulsion of the spectators and possible forfeiture of the game.

5. CLUB INDOOR PLAYERS: Two (2) current club soccer members (men’s or women’s) may appear on any intramural indoor soccer team roster and may play at the same time. There is no restriction as to how many past club soccer players may participate. Also, only one (1) former varsity soccer member may play. So, you could have one (2) current club and zero (0) former varsity, or (1) current club and one (1) former varsity.

6. BALL HITTING CEILING: If the ball hits the ceiling then the team opposite of the team that kicked the ball shall receive an indirect free kick from the center spot.

7. KICKING THE BALL PAST MIDFIELD: The goalie cannot kick the ball past midfield during a goal kick. Penalty: Opponent awarded direct free kick anywhere at midfield. The goalie can kick it past midfield if they are outside of their own penalty area or as long as a teammate passed the ball back to them.

8. TEAMS: Five (5) players constitute a team. A team may start or play with no fewer than three (3) players.

9. GAME EQUIPMENT: Campbell University Intramural Sports will provide a game ball.

10. UNIFORMS/PLAYER EQUIPMENT: Teams must wear contrasting color uniforms. Jerseys may be checked out from the Supervisors on shift that night. The use of cleats is prohibited. Gym shoes and indoor soccer shoes are permitted. Shinguards are NOT mandatory, but suggested.


11. GAME TIME: The game will consist of two (2) halves of twenty (20) minutes. The clock will only stop for injuries or delays selected by the officials. There will be a 2 minute half time.

12. MERCY RULE: If a team is ahead by 5 or more goals with 2:00 or less remaining in the game that game shall be over. If at any point under 2:00 a team goes ahead by 5 goals the game shall be over.

13. OVERTIME: In case of a tie during the regular season, a 1-minute rest period is followed by 5-minute overtime. The first team to score a goal is declared the winner (sudden victory). If the score is still tied after the overtime period, the game will end in a tie. In case of a tie during the postseason, a maximum of two 5-minute sudden victory overtime periods will be played. In the case of a tie after the 2 overtime periods, a shootout will occur. Four players from each team will kick at the opponent’s goal rotating teams (Co-Rec: 2 males and 2 females must kick). If the game is still tied after this shootout, then the shootout will continue head to head according to gender. This will occur until there is a winner. Any player on the team is eligible to kick once during shootout (may repeat after all members have kicked). A team may use any player as the goalkeeper, regardless if they finished the game at that position. The goalkeeper must still wear a different colored jersey or shirt indicating he/she is the goalie.

14. SUBSTITUTIONS: Substitutions are unlimited and can be made on the fly.

15. GOAL: A goal is scored when the entire ball passes over the goal line. A goal may be scored from a kickoff.

16. GOALKEEPER: The goalkeeper has six (6) seconds to clear the ball. Goalkeepers may not use their hands when the ball is kicked directly to them by a teammate (PENALTY: Penalty kick by opposing team). The goalie may not throw or kick the ball past mid-field (PENALTY: Direct kick for the opposing team at mid-field).

17. SLIDE TACKLING: No form of slide tackling is permitted. The penalty is a yellow card and direct free kick for the opposing team. If the act is deemed intentional and blatant, a red card may be issued. A goalie may slide to get the ball.

18. DIRECT FREE KICK: The following penalties result in a direct free kick: Ball hitting the ceiling (direct free kick is taken from the center spot)
• Goalie throwing/kicking the ball past midfield
• Slide tackling
• Holding, pushing, kicking, striking, or tripping an opponent
• Hand ball (includes by the goalie outside of the penalty box)
• Yellow or red card
• Any other unsportsmanlike conduct
Note: Any direct kick awarded to the offense inside the penalty box will result in a penalty kick.

19. INDIRECT FREE KICK: The following penalties result in an indirect free kick:
• Illegal Substitution
• Goalkeeper illegally touching a teammate’s kicked pass with his/her hands inside the penalty box
• Goalkeeper Interference
• Obstruction
• Goalkeeper Delay (holding the ball for more than 6 seconds)


20. UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT: Any unsportsmanlike conduct including, but not limited to, arguments with officials (the captain is the only player permitted to talk with the officials) by any coach, manager or spectator, flagrant fouling, fighting, etc. will result in expulsion of that individual and/or team from further participation in that scheduled game. Officials/supervisors have the authority to impose penalties for teams behaving in an unsportsmanlike manner.

21. DISQUALIFIED PLAYERS: A player disqualified from the game for unsportsmanlike conduct must leave the Intramural fields IMMEDIATELY, and will be declared ineligible for play in any intramural sports activity until he/she has met with the Intramural Sports Coordinator. Failure to leave may result in disqualification of the captain, or forfeiture of the game. Any second occurrence of unsportsmanlike conduct by a team may result in that team being eliminated for the remainder of the season.

22. DRUG & ALCOHOL POLICY: Teams coming to games under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will face a like penalty as listed above, if in the opinion of the IM Supervisor and/or Coordinator of Intramurals they pose a threat to the safety and welfare of players, officials, or spectators.


23. TEAMS: Three (3) men and three (3) women constitute a team. Teams may play with as few as four (4) players if necessary. If teams are playing with less than six (6) players, the male/female ratio may be 3:2, 2:3, or 2:2.

24. GOALS: Female goals are worth two points during regular play. Should the game need to go to penalty kicks, a female goal made is only worth one point.

25. Other than the above exceptions, the game will be played according to the National Federation High School Rules.

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