Deferred Payment Charitable Gift Annuities

Looking for a gift plan that also serves as a great retirement plan supplement?  Then look at a deferred-payment charitable gift annuity plan.  This plan has all the features of the “immediate payment” charitable gift annuity discussed above, but won’t start paying to you your cash annuity until you need it the most – when you reach retirement age!   

Contribute property to Campbell, and in return Campbell delivers to you an annuity contract – a written promise guaranteed by the Campbell Endowment – to pay you a cash annuity at a handsome fixed rate, determined by your age, starting when you reach retirement age and continuing for the rest of your natural life!  A wonderful – and prudent – gift plan for younger donors! 

Features of this gift plan include:

  • Income for life – a fixed payment at excellent rates, payable monthly, quarterly, or annually, and paid to you beginning at the retirement age you choose and continuing for the rest of your natural life, no matter how long you live.
  • One or two beneficiaries – a deferred-payment gift annuity can be paid to one or two donors, such as just you, or just your spouse, or you and your spouse, or you and your child, and so on.
  • Control – you can specify in the annuity contract how your contribution is to be used at the end of the annuity term.
  • Income tax savings – you receive a sizeable income tax charitable deduction which you can use in the year you make your contribution, and for five more years until it’s exhausted.
  • No reduction for capital gains tax – as a tax-exempt organization, Campbell will pay no capital gains tax if the assets gifted are sold, so the assets you use to purchase your deferred-payment annuity are valued at full market value.
  • Tax-favored payments – a portion of your annuity payment will be completely income tax-free.
  • Funding options – you can contribute cash, stocks, bonds, or mutual funds having a value of $15,000 or more, in exchange for a deferred-payment gift annuity contract.

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