Charitable Remainder Trusts

This is the “premier” life-income plan because of its flexibility.  With this type of gift you are free to choose:

  • the rate of income you need betwee 5 % and 7%,
  • whether your payment is to be fixed or variable,
  • the beneficiaries you want to receive the income (including yourself),
  • how long your trust will last,
  • how to designate the remainder by Campbell at the end of your trust’s term,
  • from cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or marketable real estate for funding your trust. 

Features of this gift plan include:

  • Income for life – you receive a payment, either monthly, quarterly, or annually, in an amount equal to either a fixed percentage of your initial contribution to your trust, or a fixed percentage of the annual value of your trust, rates ranging from 5% to 7%, paid to you for the rest of your life, or just for a term of years if that’s your preference.
  • Multiple beneficiaries – you may choose one, two, or three or more income beneficiaries under this plan – you; or you and your spouse; or you, your spouse, and your children; and so on.
  • Control – you can specify in the trust document how the remainder of your trust’s assets are to be used at the end of the trust’s term.  
  • Income tax savings – you receive a sizeable income tax charitable deduction which you can use in the year you make your gift to your trust, and for five more years until it’s exhausted.
  • No reduction for capital gains tax – as a tax-exempt organization, Campbell will pay no capital gains tax if it sells the assets gifted, so the assets you use to fund your trust are valued at full market value.
  • Tax-favored payments – if you gift appreciated assets to your trust, a significant portion of the trust payments made to you will be taxable at the lower capital gains rate.
  • Funding options – fund your trust with cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or marketable real estate, having a value of $25,000 or more.  PLANNING NOTE:  If your investments have a concentration in, let’s say, one particular highly appreciated common stock, then this gift plan is a great way to achieve diversification and receive income – without taking a “hit” from capital gains taxes!  

Let us mail or email you our Campbell Planned Giving Tools flyer entitled “What is a Charitable Remainder Trust?”

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