Why I Chose Campbell

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Interview conducted by Cherry Crayton, Digital Content Coordinator, and Meagan Williford, Electronic Media Administrator

During Summer Orientation II July 12-13, we asked about a dozen incoming students why they chose to attend Campbell University. Here's what they said.


Domonique Jones


“I know people who came to Campbell, and I have heard that the university is all about helping their students become successful. When choosing schools, I knew I wanted to attend a university that makes its students the top priority. I am really looking forward to classes, the dance team, and making new friends.”



Christine Brunetti // Lancaster, PA


“I was told that Campbell has a top Pharmacy school, so I checked out the website and really liked what I saw. I am very excited about starting classes in the fall. I love the atmosphere and the feel of the campus. 



Cedric Miller

General College

“I want to attend pharmacy school, and Campbell is known for its pharmacy program. I heard about the university from my high school counselor. For the new school year, I am looking forward to moving out, having more independence, and meeting new people.”


Morgan Thomas


“I picked Campbell because of the small community and down-to-earth feel. My grandmother attended college here, and she told me about the great relationships students have with their professors and advisors.”  



Justin Holmes


“I knew I wanted to come to the South for college, and I had heard great things about David Orr and the PGM program here. My golf coach encouraged me to look at Campbell, and when I did, I knew it was a good fit for me.”  



Dalton Bee // Marietta, GA

Christian Ministry

“My mother came to Campbell, so I grew up learning about the university. I knew right away that Campbell was the right place for me. This is the only university I wanted to come to. I am looking forward to everything in the fall: independence, meeting new people, and the good food.” 



Briana Bryan // Wilmington, N.C.

Church Music

“I chose Campbell because of the Christian school aspect. I attended youth choir camp here and became familiar with the campus. I love it here, and I’m really looking forward to starting classes and getting more into my major.”



Carla Mungo // Monroe, N.C.

Criminal Justice

“When it came down to researching the best law programs, Campbell was at the top of the list. There were other schools that had good law programs, but everywhere I went, when someone asked me what school I wanted to go to, I’d say ‘Campbell,’ and they’d say, “Well, if you go to Campbell, you can pretty much write your own ticket in life, because Campbell is a great school.’ That’s why I chose it.”

Maddy Dolinar // Harford County, Md.


“I play lacrosse, and I knew the coach coming here. He told me to check out the campus to play. I came and liked the whole setting and the people. I love lacrosse, and I love the team. And I thought it was cool that the program here is starting its second year. I thought it would be fun to be part of starting something new.”


Amir Horton // Chesapeake, Va.

Information Technology and Security

“It’s not too far home, and it feels homey here.”


Christian Price // Wendell, N.C.

Information Technology and Security

“I live nearby, and I was looking for somewhere local. I had a relative who went to Campbell and enjoyed it a lot. And my high school counselor suggested I look into. It seemed like the right place. It’s a smaller college with the right major.”


Daniellemaree Dwyer // Fayetteville, N.C.


“Campbell has a great pharmacy program, and that’s what I wanted.”


Chad Davis // Dudley, N.C.

Trust and Wealth Management/ Pre-Law

“It’s the only school with a trust and wealth program, and their numbers are really high for placing students in law schools, and I want to go to law school. I knew the first visit here that it was the right school for me. It’s small, and I like knowing the teachers. It’s the only school I applied to.”

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