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September 5, 2014 | 1 Comment

36 student photos that'll make you want to study abroad, too

Campbell University held its fall Study Abroad Fair on Monday, Sept. 8, for students interested in learning about the hundreds of study abroad opportunities that Campbell offers in more than 50 countries each year. In the 2013-14 academic year alone, Campbell placed 118 students in nearly two-dozen countries around the world, from Belize to Korea.

Eighteen of the students who studied abroad last year submitted two photos each for the Study Abroad Office’s annual photo contest. We’ve posted below the photos entered into the contest to provide examples of the places where our students have studied abroad and to provide a snapshot of the experiences they have gained. Members of the campus community can vote for their favorite photos on the Campbell Study Abroad Facebook page.

If you want a bit more reading, check out our sidebars to the right, where you’ll find links to numerous articles, blog entries, videos, and Q&As related to students’ study-abroad experiences. Among the features are a series of interviews posted on Campbell’s YouTube channel of alumni of the Study Abroad program who talk about their experiences overseas. Highlights of what they said to encourage other students to go abroad: Get a different perspective on the world. Build skills you need in a global society. Perform music in a cathedral in Austria. Learn another language. Immerse yourself in another culture. Go on a safari. Help children in an orphanage. Find a calling. Become an adult.

If you’re a student interested in exploring study abroad options, contact the Study Abroad Office.

For now, enjoy the photos from our students’ study abroad travels during the 2013-14 academic year.

Chelsea Cashwell: France 

Eze: A Perfect Castle in Monaco, France

Walking down the Champs-Elysees to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France

Tanisha Cosby: South Korea 

Oppas Pungmul Style (Traditional Korean Dance), in Seoul, South Korea

Concentrate, Making Korean Pottery in Seoul, South Korea

Hannah Gooding: Spain 

Kids with Bubbles at the Crystal Palace in Granada, Spain

La Feria for Corpus Christi in Granada, Spain

Paradise Flowers: Hawaii 

Plateau where Hawaiians believe the dead jump off into the afterlife (Oahu, Hawaii)

Black San Beach: Hawaii (The Big Island, Hawaii)

Megan Day: Belize 

Caye Caulker (Belize)

Lamanai Ruins (Belize)

Chelsea Sumner: Costa Rica

The Fault in Our Waterfall (Costa Rica)

How Ticos Start Their Day (Costa Rica)

Autumn Bass: Hawaii

Hawaiian Green Seat Turtle "Honu" found in tide pool on Punalu'u Black Stand Beach (Hawaii)

O'ahu Overlook of Honolulu, Waikki Beach and Diamond Head Crater (Hawaii)

Brittaney McDowell: Belize

Sartenja (Belize)

Clinic Day (Belize)

Grace Koo: South Korea and Japan

Tokyo Temple (Tokyo, Japan)

Christmas in Asia, Korean Celebration of Buddha's Birthday (Seoul, South Korea)

India Heckstall (Washington, D.C.)

White House (Washington, D.C.)

The Washington Monument (Washington, D.C.)

Sheel Shah: Belize

He called himself Sir Desjuana (Belize)

Crossing the River, Sugarcane Transport (Belize) 

Sean Neal: France

Sunday at the Louvre (Paris, France)

Iconic Silhouette (Paris, France)

Mary Keeler: France

Window shopping in Paris, France

Versailles Hall of Mirrors (Paris, France)

Valerie Hoots: France and Austria

Emily and Larissa in the Rose Garden (Vienna, Austria)

Inside Notre Dame (Paris, France)

Paige Kelly: Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland

The Edge of Donegal at Slieve League Cliffs (Republic of Ireland)

The Strand (Northern Ireland)

Michelle Spitz: Spain

Bullfight (Madrid, Spain)

Streets of Madrid (Madrid, Spain)

Carolynn Spadafino: South Korea

Gynbokgung Guards (Seoul, South Korea)

1.5 Million Won. I'm a Millionaire. At Gwanyang Market (Seoul, South Korea)

Christine Psaltis: France and Austria

Louvre at Night (Paris, France)

Carpe Diem at a Cafe in Austria (Austria)

“Traveling to another country is something that will change you and have a positive effect on your life. Traveling through study abroad programs allows you to learn about the culture, along with the history and business aspects of the country.”

— Carina Wright, senior in healthcare management and marketing, in "Our summer stories" (July 2014)


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“Take advantage of the opportunities while in college, no matter what level you may be. You will be able learn about different cultures, their lifestyles, customs and what they deem to be valuable. Seeing things from their perspectives will ultimately allow you to understand their thought processes and feelings toward certain topics.”

-- Tiffany Vu, PharmD/MBA student, in "Our summer stories" (July 2014)

Road trips with CAB

In addition to study abroad opportunities, Campbell offers several trips for students throughout the year that are organized through the Campus Activities Board, or CAB. They’re hosting a Western Caribbean cruise for Spring Break, for example, and this past Saturday they took a busload of students to Boone to cheer on the Camels football team against Appalachian State. Here’s a look at CAB’s most recent road trip:

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