Profiles in Success

Elaine Smith

Before After

I have lost 38 lbs., my goal is 40 lbs. I can say that I am very thankful for the Weight Watchers problem here. I probably would not have been able to lose what I have had it not come into being. Thank you Administration for getting this started. I have a couple of more lbs. to lose and it has been slow, but that is ok. It's not the 38 lbs. I had before. I have cut my blood pressure medicine in half and lowered my cholesterol also. I really encourage anyone that is interested to get involved and realize it is a "life style change". It is healthy and that's what counts. Thanks to Joanna and all those that have supported me. I hope I can be of support and encouragement to others.

Elaine Smith
Administrative Assistant
College of Arts and Sciences


Evelyn Howell



When I joined Weight Watchers this time I had made up my mind to attend the meetings, follow the program as close as I can and not to worry about the large amount of weight that I should lose. I promised myself to continue the program through ups and downs and to count each 5 pounds as a success. I will always need to attend Weight Watchers because this is a life time change and I need the support.

It has taken me over two years to lose 102.4 pounds. It has been well worth the money and time. I have cut back on the amount of medication I needed.

Thank you Joanna, my many new friends at Weight Watchers,my doctor and Healthy Camels for your support all the way! And Thank the Lord through Prayers I made it all the way through 102.4.

Evelyn Howell
Assistant Registrar of Transcripts


Mark Hammond


I face the reality of a family history that includes both diabetes and obesity. I decided that it was time to do something about it, both for me and for my family. Thanks to Healthy Camels and Weight Watchers, I’ve lost 50 pounds and nearly 8” from my waist in 26 weeks! The best surprise is that I eat more now than I did before.
-Mark Hammond Dean of Arts and Sciences


Jennifer Zielinsky

May 2006 - October 2006


My first day on the job at Campbell University was also my first day of Weight Watchers. So many new faces and new things to learn, but the best experience was when my co-workers, April Paszkiewicz, Traci Pierce and Carl Broadhurst invited me to attend a Weight Watchers meeting with them and then have lunch afterward. Joining Weight Watchers has been the best thing I could have ever done for myself. The support system that is provided in the meetings by Joanna and by my fellow members is amazing. Weight Watchers is a life-style change and is very different than any other “diet”. Weight Watchers has not only helped me lose 53 pounds in 9 months but also help me understand to “watch” the portions of all the different things that I eat. I encourage everyone and anyone to come out and see what Weight Watchers is all about and see what a difference it can make in your life.

-Jennifer Zielinsky School of Business


April Paszkiewicz


Weight Watchers at Work is one of the greatest things of which I have ever been a part. The convenience of having our meetings within walking distance of my office has made this something that is easy. The program is so well designed that even someone who is putting in minimal effort can see and experience changes. Traci Pierce, Jennifer Zielinsky, Dr. Carl Broadhurst, and myself all work in the same building and have been a support group for each other. We all committed to WW with the idea that we were NOT GOING TO DIET ANYMORE, instead we would make a lifestyle change. Together we have lost 170 pounds and counting. I would strongly encourage ANYONE to come visit the meetings with us and see what it is about. Joanna is a wonderful leader who shares her most personal struggles and triumphs with us. She makes everything so real and is such a delight to see every Wednesday.
-April Paszkiewicz School of Business


Judy Robbins

Judy Robbins has found great success with Weight Watchers

“I joined Weight Watchers to lose 10 pounds. I’ve learned how to make healthier and more satisfying choices. The tracker has helped me lose weight because I am aware of what I’m putting in to my body. The group of people at Weight Watchers is great. Everyone is losing weight at their own pace. I enjoyed the workshops because I’m always interested in learning about money saving tips, managing stress and holiday eating tips. I’m glad Campbell has given us the chance to join Weight Watchers and attend workshops.”


-Judy Robbins
Administrative Assistant
English Department

The Healthy Camels walking contest has really encouraged me. I started walking and I decided a few weeks into the contest to change my eating habits. With the walking and the eating changes I have lost 15.50 lbs.

I feel much better. I plan to continue walking.

-Carolyn Bowden
Business Office