Ask the Pharmacist

Campbell University School of Pharmacy is excited to announce a partnership with News Talk Radio WFNC 640AM in Fayetteville, NC. Every fourth Tuesday of the month WFNC will air a special segment entitled "Ask the Pharmacist" featuring Dr. Andy Bowman, Director of Continuing Education/Assistant Professor at Campbell University School of Pharmacy. Dr. Bowman along with WFNC Newsmaker Hour host, Carolyn McLaurin, will discuss up-to-date pharmacy related topics, answer callers' questions, and provide current information to the consumer. For more information visit

Listen to the On-Air Promo

We invite you, your family, and friends to call in with any questions to (910) 864-6400, toll free at 1-888-308-6400, or *640 from your mobile phone.

From time to time "Ask the Pharmacist" will feature guest speakers if any of our pharmacy alumni located in the Fayetteville and surrounding areas would like to participate. If interested please contact Andrea at (910) 814-4788.