Healthy Camels

Mission Statement: Healthy Camels is committed to empowering Campbell University employees, through on-campus opportunities and education, to make choices for a healthier mind, body and spirit.

Diabetes Management Program: If you are interested in learning more about this program please complete this form

Campus Walking Trail

Our Campus Walking Trail Map is available in pdf.

10 Vital questions to ask about every prescription

  1. What is the name of the medicine, and what is it for? Is this the brand name or the generic name?
  2. Is a generic version available?
  3. How, when and for how long do I take it?
  4. What foods, drinks other medicines, dietary supplements or activities should I avoid while taking this medicine?
  5. When should this medicine start working? How will I know if it is? Are tests required while taking it?
  6. Are there any side effects? What are they and what do I do if they occur?
  7. Will this medicine work safely with other medicines (prescription and non-prescription)? Will it work safely with dietary/herbal supplements?
  8. Will I need a refill? If so, when?
  9. How should I store the medicine?
  10. Is there written information about the medicine? Is it available in large print or other languages?

Source: National Council on Patient Information and Education

Pool Information

Don't forget that swimming can be a great way to get fit. This is a reminder that our pool is a resource all faculty and staff can take advantage of. Click here for more details...

Trying to Quit?

Here is some helpful info for anyone trying to quit smoking

Free Medical ID Card

You can create a portable health record to carry in your wallet by going to the link below and filling in your personal information. You then print off the card, cut it out and carry it with you in case of an emergency. Once the page has opened, scroll down until you see the yellow form area.