Healthcare Management

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, and with that, a need for highly qualified people to lead and manage healthcare facilities! In addition, the need for healthcare staff  is one of the largest employment sectors with a high need for people as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Campbell University Fort Bragg/Pope created the Bachelor of Business Administration in Healthcare Management to deliver a high-quality market relevant education to build the knowledge and skills required to meet the needs of the healthcare industry. Our program prepares graduates for management positions in all types of healthcare organizations, including hospitals, long term care facilities, emergency care centers, and home healthcare agencies. 

Students will gain valuable skills and knowledge in the following areas:

  • Healthcare Organization and Management
  • Healthcare Law, Policy and Ethics
  • Issues and Solutions in the Healthcare Industry
  • Financial Management
  • A hands-on Internship

Job Outlook
Graduates of our Bachelor of Business Administration in Healthcare Management will be prepared to work in a variety of career options in the healthcare sector. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported an employment increase of 22% over the next 8 years with more than 100,000 new jobs. Students majoring in healthcare management can see annual salary ranges from $32,000 to more than $90,000!

Curriculum Information
For a complete overview of the program and requirements, please view our summary sheet by clicking on the link below:

Healthcare Management Course Descriptions [PDF]

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