We offer academic excellence and have an intellectually challenging program that has a history of producing highly qualified teachers, counselors, and school administrators.  For a much more in-depth explanation of our program, please see the Teaching Fellows overview (pdf).

Education students who graduate from our Program show a higher than usual teacher retention rate.

The Professional Education Program has 15 different accredited undergraduate licensure areas:

  • Birth-Kindergarten
  • Elementary Education
  • Middle Grade Language Arts
  • Middle Grade Mathematics
  • Middle Grade Science
  • Middle Grade Social Studies
  • Secondary English
  • Secondary Mathematics
  • Secondary Biology
  • Secondary Comprehensive Social Studies
  • Music Education
  • Physical Education
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Special Education

Academic & Programmatic Support

Academic and programmatic support is provided to the Fellows through eight overall components:

1. The Experiential Education Series

Activities that are both fun and educationally focused on developing cultural and multicultural understandings through:

  • Events on campus and in the wider community
  • University funded experiences:
    • Field trips
    • Study Abroad
      • First cohort will travel to Costa Rica
      • Future trips may be made to other countries such as Malaysia (where we have a university campus in Kuala Lumpur) and Guatemala

2. The Leadership Series

  • A credit-bearing series of leadership seminars from the freshman through the junior year
  • Exposure to teacher leaders, community leaders, political officials, and faculty members within the various schools on campus
  • Leadership participation will be encourage through membership or leadership roles in
    • Various Teaching Fellows committees
    • Teaching Fellows Council
    • Campus government or student organizations

3. The Cohort Seminars and Cohort Classes

  • A credit-bearing series of seminars
  • Uses a developmental thematic approach
  • Designed to transition the cohorts of Fellows through their Professional Education Program at the University
  • Cohort classes such as Introduction to Education

4. Various Mini Courses

  • Example of a require course – field trip focused on the unique phenomena and historical events of eastern/rural NC (e.g., boat building, locks of the Cape Fear, Washington’s clock, revolutionary battle sites and cemeteries, sites with endangered flora and fauna, unique historical architecture, and local artisans)

5. Professional Enhancement

  • Early and continuous immersion into the profession
  • Paid internship
  • Professional conferences
  • Mock interview
  • Assistance from numerous mentors
    • Students (upper class Fellows and Kappa Delta Pi members)
    • Teachers
    • Faculty

6. Service Work

  • Throughout the Fellows tenure at the University
  • First two years – options for service
  • Junior year – provide academic support to students who do not have English as their primary language

7. Social Events

Includes numerous fun social events will be planned for and by the Fellows

  • Picnics
  • Dinners
  • Receptions

8. Develop of sense of family, fellowship, and commitment to each other

  • Freshman Retreat
  • Involvement of the Fellows in all of the above-mentioned activities