Children teach us a very simple thing.
Believe in a child’s power to succeed and they will succeed.

The field of Special Education has a unique role in public education. Teachers in the field work with a variety of students in both age range as well as exceptionality. Teaching special education takes a unique person with passion, determination, and patience.

As our program at Campbell continues to grow, many opportunities are established for students. Students observe in classrooms and work hand in hand with special education teachers. The program at Campbell offers students the opportunity to learn the planning processes, understand the development of different disorders, develop the skills necessary to manage their class, and prepare lessons for their students. You also learn how to communicate effectively with parents, colleagues, and your administration. Your program is designed to help you become well prepared as you enter the world of teaching.

Students who successfully complete teacher licensure in the field of special education have many teaching opportunities. Teachers in the field are eligible to teach special education at the preschool, elementary, middle and high school level. A unique advantage with the certification in special education is your additional license in elementary education. this is based on the required North Carolina test that are a part of the special education license.

Areas of special education include resource classrooms, self-contained classes, team teaching as well as specialized opportunities at the central office level.


Course Offerings:

General college courses are required for licensure and graduation. Specific courses required for special education majors include the following:

  • SPED 273   Mild/Moderate Disabilities
  • SPED 351   Curriculum/Collaboration
  • SPED 370   Learning Disabilities
  • SPED 371   Behavior Disabilities/Autism
  • SPED 372   Diagnosis and Assessment
  • SPED 438   Program Planning
  • SPED 455   Adaptive Technologies
  • EDUC 457   Student Teaching



Students attending Campbell University have many opportunities to participate in clubs on campus. The Teaching Exceptional Children Club is open to any student interested in the support of students with special needs. Club members support children with special needs in many ways. Students are involved in the Harnett County Special Olympics, 5K Run for Autism, Back Pack Buddies, as well as many other club activities.