Addendum  to the 2014-2016 Grad Bulletin

All Graduate Classes for Fall 2014 will begin on Tuesday, August 19 and end on Monday, December 1. This will replace the dates on page 2

All classes listed on page 68 that state CDU are actually CEDU


 2014- 2016 Graduate Bulletin



Addendum to 2012-2014 Graduate Bulletin: Please note that the following has been omitted from page 49 Stage 1 Number 8: EDUC 670 The Teaching of Science.

Please note, the addendum applies to students that are starting their program in the fall 2011 semester.

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  • Addendum to 2012-2014 Graduate Bulletin: There has been a change to a course prerequisite for EDUC 687 - Clinical Supervision.  Please see the Course Description below:

EDUC 687, Clinical Supervision (3) Fall and Spring

A course designed to assist counseling students in developing the skills necessary for effective clinical supervision.  This set of skills would include encouraging supervisee growth and development, protecting the welfare of the client and monitoring supervisee performance as well as serving as teacher and mentor.  Pre-requisite:  EDUC 690.  EDUC 687 may be taken during the same semester as EDUC 695.