Nidhi Chokshi

Student Spotlight

Nidhi Chokshi

Nidhi Chokshi

2012 Student Pharmacist

Growing up, Nidhi Chokshi knew she wanted to work in health care but was not sure what field. 

To explore her options, she decided to work in an independent pharmacy for a few years. This experience convinced her to pursue a career in pharmacy.

“Working around some amazing pharmacists taught me that being a pharmacist means much more than just filling prescriptions, there are many ways that pharmacists can make a difference,” Chokshi said, who is currently a fourth-year pharmacy student.

After graduating from Campbell this spring, Chokshi plans to serve her community by practicing pharmacy in an independent or hospital setting.

“I hope to help patients not only by filling their medications, but through counseling and medication therapy management. I also want to conduct seminars for my patients to familiarize them with their disease states and medications,” Chokshi said.

She hopes to leave a lasting impression on her patients by taking the time to educate her patients about the potential side effects of their medications and the necessity of complying with medication guidelines.


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