Jessica Robbins

Student Spotlight

Jessica Robbins

Jessica Robbins

Physician Assistant Student, Class of 2013

When Jessica Robbins attended Buies Creek Elementary in fifth grade, she had no idea that she would be a part of Campbell University's history as a member of the first physician assistant class.

Robbins is currently in her second year of the program, completing 12 five-week clinical rotations. “They’ve been fun," she said. "The ones I didn’t think I would like have been my favorite. I wasn’t sure about pediatrics because you’re treating the parents as much as the patient, but I loved it.”

While the full-time program has been demanding, she is seeing her hard work pay off. “I think I counted 20 babies that I helped deliver during my OBGYN rotation, it was kind of crazy but so much fun," Robbins said.

After graduation, Robbins will practice as a PA in the Air Force for three years. She received a competitive scholarship that is paying for her school in return for her future service. Robbins doesn’t know where the Air Force will send her, but she looks forward to working in a family practice setting at a military medical center.

“I like family practice because I like getting to know people,” Robbins said. “When I was in surgery, I had a patient that wrote the sweetest note about how great of a PA I will be. I didn’t know how much you could influence someone’s life in a couple weeks.”

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