Andrita Stokes

Student Spotlight

Andrita Stokes

Andrita Stokes

Physician Assistant Student, Class of 2013

Before starting Campbell’s Physician Assistant Program, Andrita Stokes worked in a lab, specifically focusing on breast cancer, for numerous years. During this time she discovered her interest in the aspects of medicine and patient contact. 

Her decision to pursue a career in the PA field was based on the significant role that Stoke's PA played in her life when she faced some personal medical issues. 

“I have tremendous respect for my PA and I felt that she possessed all of the qualities that an excellent PA should have,” Stokes said. “The propensity that I possess to professionally be present with patients through the best and worst of times is what compelled me to pursue a career as a PA.”

Stokes chose Campbell because of the University’s reputation and success in other graduate programs. “I knew the PA Program wouldn’t fall short and that Campbell University would set the foundation for me to be successful in the future,” Stokes said.

Following graduation, Stokes hopes to complete a residency in obstetrics and gynecology. Her ultimate career aspiration is to work alongside women who are coping with high risk pregnancies, reproductive cancers and infertility issues.

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