Student Ambassadors

2015-2016 Student Ambassadors

The goal of the Student Ambassador program is to represent the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences programs in a professional and friendly manner to prospective students. Student Ambassadors assist our admissions team with open house events, visitation days, interview days and campus visits. They communicate with prospective students, mentor newly accepted students and travel to recruitment fairs and club information sessions with Admissions Counselors when their schedules permit.

This academic year, we have 58 Student Ambassadors serving our admissions office. We invite you to read more about them in the biographies found below. We will be featuring a new group of ambassadors each month. 

Jen Adema, P1

I am a first year student pharmacist from Raleigh, North Carolina. I chose Campbell University to pursue pharmacy because I fell in love with the CPHS community when I visited. The professors and students are so encouraging and provide such a tight-knit, family-like environment. I also really liked the dual degree program so I decided to be dual PharmD/MBA. I am excited to learn more about APhA-ASP, SCCP, CPFI, and the professional pharmaceutical fraternities.

Sara Boltinhouse, P1

“I am a first year student pharmacist from Goldsboro, North Carolina. In May of 2015, I graduated from Campbell University with a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Research with a minor in biology. As a part of this degree, I had the opportunity to intern in the Department of Clinical Investigation at Womack Army Medical Center in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. During this internship, I worked with a team to publish Factors Affecting Conviction Rates of Intoxicated Driver Patients in Two Large Trauma Centers. I chose Campbell University because of the renowned pharmacy program that was presented in a family atmosphere. Every time I am on campus I truly feel at home, and I know that I am being prepared to be an integral part of the healthcare team as a pharmacist. I currently serve as the P1 Class President and as a member of Student Society of Health-System Pharmacists. After graduation, I plan on serving in a patient-centered role, but I am keeping an open mind as to the exact position I will pursue. A random fact about me is that I serve as a Resident Director in a freshman hall on campus.”

Diana Charles, P1/2

I am a P1/2 – a first year student in the dual PharmD/MSCR program. I am originally from Lake Charles, Louisiana, and I received my Bachelor of Science degree from LSU in Biological Sciences with a minor in Psychology. Initially, I chose to move 1,060 miles from my hometown to attend Campbell because of my interest in clinical research and the dual degree programs; however, upon visiting, I immediately fell in love with the small community atmosphere. It was incredibly different from attending a school where the teachers didn’t necessarily know you by name. At Campbell, the teachers and staff not only know me by my name, but they have also been unbelievably welcoming – and coming from someone who is over a thousand miles away, that’s a huge plus! Upon graduation from Campbell, and probably completion of a residency, I hope to become a clinical pharmacist at a research hospital, overlooking the investigational drugs involved in the clinical trials run at the hospital.

Jerry Dyckman, P1

Originally I am from Long Island, New York, but I have lived in Cary, North Carolina for many years.  I graduated from North Carolina State University with a B.S. in Business Administration.  After visiting Campbell University for my interview, I knew this was going to be the school for me.  The administration and faculty that I interacted with during my visit demonstrated the passion they had for the profession, the university, and most importantly the students.  As a non-traditional student these factors, along with the environment and the potential opportunities like a dual degree, factored greatly in choosing Campbell.  I am in the first year of the pharmacy program after completing the M.S. in Public Health dual program.  During that portion of my degree, I gained valuable knowledge and experience working directly with local organizations and community members on projects to improve the health of the community.  I also had the opportunity to work on a capstone research project that was presented to the faculty.  Upon graduation I hope to complete a residency in order to strengthen my knowledge and skills, so that I may serve as a better pharmacist.

Dawnn Flowers, P1

I am from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I completed my undergraduate studies at South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, South Carolina, where I received my Bachelors in Chemistry. Coming from a school with a cohesive community, it was only right that I continue my education here at Campbell University. Campbell possessed the family atmosphere that I grew accustomed to at SC State. Here, I am also given the opportunity to give back to the surrounding community to help shape me into a better person.”

Jenna Grago, P1

“My name is Jenna Grago, and I am from Rome, NY. I am a dual degree student with the MSPS program, and I am a P1 this year. I chose Campbell University because I liked the small school with the ‘family feel’ that I immediately felt from the students and professors upon arrival. I also really liked that Campbell has several dual degree options for their students. I am currently the secretary of the PharmD Class of 2019, as well as a member of PASA, SSHP, SCCP and APhA-ASP. Although I am sure my pharmacy plans will change, at the moment I really want to pursue a residency in pediatric pharmacy. A random fact about me is that when I moved down here to North Carolina from New York, my parents and brothers also moved down here with me and bought a house on the coast.”

Amanda Hiester, P1

“I am a first year student pharmacist from Cary, North Carolina. I completed three years of undergraduate course work at Campbell and will be graduating in 2016 with my Bachelor of Science in General Science with a concentration in Pharmaceutical Sciences. I chose Campbell because of the close-knit community feeling when you walk on campus. I love that professors have an open door policy and want to get to know you personally. It is not a campus that makes you feel like a number, but instead makes you feel like an actual student that the faculty cares about. I am involved in many different organizations like ASCP, PASA, and APhA. After graduating, I hope to work with geriatric patients and potentially specialize in Alzheimer’s care.”

Curt Koone, P2

“My name is Curt Koone and I am a P2 student at Campbell University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences. I was born and raised in Rutherfordton, North Carolina. The reason I chose Campbell for my career training was the faculty. The caring faculty and staff at Campbell provide an optimal atmosphere for learning, and they are always willing to lend a hand to make you successful. My main interest is in community pharmacy. Along with being a student ambassador, I am a Brother of Phi Delta Chi pharmaceutical fraternity and a biology and chemistry lab teaching assistant. When I graduate, I plan to return to my hometown and begin my career as a pharmacist by serving in an underserved area. I am also in the process of obtaining my Instrument Rating for my private pilot’s license.”

Kacey McHoney, P1

“I am a P1 and M2 dual Doctor of Pharmacy/Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmacology) candidate.  Coming from the very small town of Bonneau, South Carolina, I immediately felt at home when I first visited Campbell University.  For someone like me whom can easily become too comfortable being that silent participant, I knew that Campbell would be the place that would pull the voice out of me.  I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Saint Augustine’s University, a small historically black college/university in Raleigh, North Carolina, on a Presidential Scholarship.  While in undergrad, I spent a year at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) as an inaugural member of their Scholars Connect Program.  At the NIEHS, I had the opportunity to conduct and present research under the Cardiopulmonary Disease group.  My research looked at the therapeutic potential of cytochrome P450 (CYP450) epoxygenases and their metabolites.  Here at Campbell, for my Master’s research project, I have been blessed with the opportunity to do further research on CYP450s.  My experience at NIEHS has put conducting research at the forefront of my interests.  After obtaining my dual degree, my long time goal is to have a career in drug research and development.  Because I love to stay busy, I am currently a student worker at Wiggins Memorial Library.  I am a spring 2012 initiate of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. “

Randall Moore, P1

“I am from Ramseur, North Carolina, and a P1 dual degree student. I chose to pursue my doctor of pharmacy at Campbell for a few reasons. I am from a small town and completed my undergraduate in a small town too, so the area that Campbell was located in made me feel like I was at home. I felt even more at home when I first visited Campbell for an open house, I really enjoyed how friendly the faculty and administration were and how dedicated they were to student success. I also chose Campbell because I know that I want to practice pharmacy in a hospital setting and obtaining residencies gets more competitive each year and Campbell is the only University that offers a dual degree in Clinical Research. I chose to complete the MSCR degree to make myself standout as a residency candidate as well as further my knowledge on drug development and how clinical trials are conducted. My current interest is the study of infectious diseases particularly with HIV/AIDS patients. I am currently a member of APhA-ASP, SCCP and SNPhA. An interesting fact about me, I am a non-traditional student returning to school after spending a few years teaching music to high school and middle school students.”

Carson Peele, P1

“My name is Carson Peele and I am a P1 student at Campbell University.  I grew up in the small, rural agricultural town of Williamston, North Carolina. After high school, I attended UNC Wilmington and worked to complete the required prerequisites for pharmacy school.

Becoming a part of the pharmacy program at Campbell was at the top of my list.  During one of my interviews, the question was asked, “Why Campbell?” Campbell’s pharmacy school is well respected and has earned high marks.  Students who attend the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences at Campbell perform high on tests and, as they enter the workforce, are prepared and experience success.  As a transfer student from another university, the process can be scary. Campbell offers a close-knit family!  They provide opportunities for students to network. Professors are caring, work to build relationships with students, and believe in celebrating the success of their students!  These traits have been evidenced by the one-on-one contact I have had with professors and the opportunities available through the pharmacy support group.  Additionally, there are many opportunities to nurture and grow my faith available at Campbell.  The atmosphere resonates of one big family!

Currently, I am a member of PASA, APhA-ASP, and PSEB.  Upon graduation from Campbell University, my initial career objective is to return home and work to serve as a pharmacist in retail pharmacy; however, I have an open mind and am excited to learn more about the various careers available in pharmacy. 

Fun fact, I enjoy spending time on the Pamlico River and I love to play tennis!”

Kathryn Ray, P2

“My name is Kathryn Ray and I am a P2 originally from Montevallo, Alabama.  I attended Auburn University for undergrad and chose to come to Campbell University’s College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences after two years of undergrad.  The things that drew me to Campbell were the location of the school as well as the small-school family atmosphere that I did not have at such a large undergrad institution. I am currently involved as one of the Student Ambassador Co-Presidents, an officer in my professional fraternity, and a member of APhA.  After pharmacy school I would like to complete a residency to further enhance my ability to serve patient’s needs. In my spare time I enjoy going to spin class.”

Braiden Sorgenfrei, P1

“I am a P1 and originally from Wisconsin. I completed my undergraduate degrees of Biology, Chemistry, and Biochemistry at Elmira College in New York. I chose to come to Campbell because upon contacting the school, and interviewing, I felt a great sense of both acceptance, and family, from the CPHS community. At this time, I am uncertain of exactly where my pharmacy degree will take me in the field, but I hope to complete a residency in the future in order to keep my options open. A random fact about me is that prior to moving down to North Carolina, I had never heard of Bojangles, and was convinced it was merely a colloquial expression used by southerners to express some sort of joyous emotion. “

Sara Valanejad, P2

“I graduated from Meredith College with a B.S. in Biology. I am currently a second year pharmacy student working towards my PharmD and Masters in Clinical Research. Although I was born in Boston, Massachusetts, I grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina and have always heard only amazing things about the variety of programs Campbell has to offer. I chose Campbell University to pursue my PharmD because of the quality of masters programs available. I know that holding a dual-degree from Campbell University will make me a more competitive candidate as I apply for residencies and will ultimately bring me closer to achieving my goal of becoming a clinical pharmacist. I am currently working with two other MSCR group members on a research project to determine the association between various socioeconomic factors and HPV vaccination rates in teen males. A random fact I would like to share is that not only am I Persian, but I also speak fluent Farsi.”

Jake Wilhelm, P3

“I am originally from Salisbury, NC and completed a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from East Carolina University.  I choose Campbell because of the family atmosphere and reputation they have throughout the field of pharmacy. After graduation, I hope to work in ambulatory care or community pharmacy. “