Student Ambassadors

2014 Student Ambassadors

The goal of the Student Ambassador program is to represent the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences programs in a professional and friendly manner to prospective students. Student Ambassadors assist our admissions team with open house events, visitation days, interview days and campus visits. They communicate with prospective students, mentor newly accepted students and travel to recruitment fairs and club information sessions with Admissions Counselors when their schedules permit.

Learn more about our 2014 Student Ambassadors by reading their bios below:

Evagelos Anagnostopoulos, P1

I chose Campbell because the professors here get to know us and actually care about our success. Currently I am interested in learning more about nuclear pharmacy and possibly pursuing a career in this field upon graduation. I am originally from Greece. 

Rebecca Arnold, P2

I am from Middlesex, North Carolina. I chose Campbell because I attended Campbell for undergrad and I really loved the atmosphere and the attitude of the faculty and staff. When I graduate, I am not sure if I would like to do a residency or just go into the workforce. I have started leaning towards doing a residency lately since my clinical interest has continued to grow. A random fact about me is that I painted my front door at my house hot pink!

Ashlee Baucom, P1

I completed three years of undergraduate work at Campbell and will be graduating in May of 2014 with a Bachelor's of Science in General Science with a concentration in Clinical Research. I am a member of the Campbell University pep-band and the Cape Fear Wind Sympony where I play Flute in both ensembles. I am originally from Wake Forest, NC but currently call Chattanooga, TN home. I was drawn to Campbell because of the incredibly close knit family atmosphere and the relationships that were immediately formed with my classmates and professors. Everyone is very willing to help in whatever way needed and the professors truly want the students to succeed. After graduation I plan to complete a residency in pediatric pharmacy and hopefully find a job in the same area.

Emily Beck, P1

I attended Campbell University for my undergraduate degree, and graduated in May of 2013 with a Bachelors of Science in Clinical Research.  Campbell University really stood out to me in several ways when choosing to become a part of this wonderful community.  The availability of the professors at all times, and the relationship that they strive to have with each individual student drew me into this great program.  Campbell’s College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences offers a wide variety of graduate degrees, and endeavors to bring each professional student together to work as a team inter-professionally.

Troy Beckham, P1

I chose Campbell because of the reputation of excellent scores and a cohesive community. Campbell is a very community oriented school that provides students an opportunity to give back to the surrounding areas. Upon graduation, I would like to work in an underserved community and spearhead a movement to increase prescription drug abuse awareness. I am an avid soccer player.

Anna Capps, P1

I am from Selma, North Carolina, which is a small town to most but bigger than Buies Creek. Campbell University was my only choice when looking for furthering my education and starting a career in pharmacy. Campbell has a variety of opportunities to get involved with campus activities, and to give back to the community around you. The campus is small, and homey feeling is overwhelming. The staff and faculty have an open-door policy, want to help you succeed, and want to challenge you to become a better person, student, and professional. This is a caring and encouraging campus. Your classmates become people you lean on, talk to, confide in, and laugh with. You become Campbell Proud, and you know by your first step on the campus if you belong. I knew from visiting at PharmDay Campbell was where I needed to be. I decided not to do a dual degree program, but I am starting to find interest in the master’s program in Public Health. I find interest in the Public Health, because I think it can give me an advantage and allow me to be a louder advocate in the health of the community and specific groups like those with special needs and mental diseases. At the moment I see myself staying in retail pharmacy, but I am keeping my options open. I am also seeking a residency that may specialize in special needs and mental health medicine. I got my passion for the special needs group through volunteering and doing my Service Learning Project with Special Olympics. This organization is a true blessing.

Eric Carter, P3 - Co-President

I received my Bachelor's of Science in Clinical Research from Campbell University in 2011.  I am currently the Co-President of the Student Ambassador Program and thoroughly enjoy that position. I am able to help coordinate Student Ambassador participation in various events such as Interviews, PharmDays, and Open Houses, etc.  I am also in the professional fraternity Kappa Epsilon and have served as the Professional Service Coordinator and Chaplain.  I have a few options that I think would be nice after I graduate. I would love to go to work for the VA and be a clinical pharmacist for them.  I would most likely apply for a residency to achieve that goal. Another option that I am thinking about is to go into a retail setting that has more of a Medication Therapy Management focus.  I really enjoy the patient interaction, but also the fact that I can help someone not only with their health, but also in several other aspects of their life.  Hopefully I will really be able to figure out which direction I want to go during my rotations next year.

Kristen Castro, P1/2 - Dual Degree Student

I am doing the Masters in Clinical Research and Doctor of Pharmacy joint program and I just started the program this summer.  I decided to do the joint program because I was not 100% sure exactly what I wanted to do when I finished school and I knew this would be a good way for me to broaden my skill set and open my eyes to new experiences.  I am from Cary, North Carolina and graduated in May from NC State with my bachelors in biological sciences with a human biology concentration.  I chose Campbell because I already experienced the large university setting and I was ready to be a part of a school where I was not “just a number.”  I knew as soon as I walked into Campbell that it was a close, family-oriented program and that is exactly what I wanted.  I also wanted to be a part of a school where I would be able to form amazing relationships with my professors and every day the faculty follow their “open door” policy, which is not something I had during my undergraduate career.  I’m still not 100% sure what I want to do after I graduate from Campbell but I have been interested in doing a residency, possibly in the geriatric field.

Matthew Davis, P1

I am from a small town known as Bladenboro that is about an hour south of Buies Creek.  I chose Campbell because I love the small town feeling and the caring and compassion that is received from the professors.  All of the professors have an open door policy and really push the students to do well.  After graduation, I am not 100% sure what I would like to do, but I am leaning towards an Oncology Pharmacist or an Emergency Department Pharmacist.

Karri Dixon, P2

I am originally from Helena, Alabama. I received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Montevallo in Montevallo, Alabama. I chose to attend Campbell because when I came for my interview, the faculty, staff, and students were incredibly welcoming and genuinely nice. Since I have been at Campbell, I have learned that the professors and office staff are always willing to go above and beyond for the students here. I am pursuing both the Doctor of Pharmacy and Master of Science in Clinical Research degrees.  When I finish school, I hope to become a retail pharmacist. A random fact about me is that I own a miniature schnauzer named Colonel.

Sarah Eggers, P1

I'm from the small town of Boone, North Carolina. I completed three years of undergraduate work at Campbell in Clinical Research and will be graduating with a Bachelor's in General Science and a concentration in Clinical Research in May of 2014. I decided to come to Campbell because of the tight knit community and the sense of family I got when I stepped foot on the campus. I knew I could call this place my home until I finished with my pharmacy degree. I loved the small class size and that your professors are willing to know you personally to help you succeed. Everyone here truly cares about your education and they will go the extra mile to make sure you excel. After graduating, I plan to complete a residency in community pharmacy, and then possibly geriatric pharmacy. I hope to work in an independent pharmacy and focus on the geriatric population. I hope to end up back in the mountains.

John Forseh, P2 - Dual Degree Student

'm from Charlotte, North Carolina, originally from Cameroon West Africa.  My first ever visit to Campbell University was for the PREP Program, upon arrival on campus I immediately fell in love with the campus.  Campbell University gives me and reminds me of my boarding school days back in Cameroon, West Africa.  Being small and compact at Campbell, everyone here feels like family.  With small class sizes the Professors know the students by name and the Campbell University prides herself as a teaching University. The Professors and Instructors are here to teach and make sure we graduate as better Pharmacists in the long run. Campbell University’s location also prides itself as an ideal location for a top notch education with minimal distractions.  I look forward to graduating soon and putting in practice all what I have learned here at Campbell University.

Nathan Goad, P1

I grew up in the small town of Mt. Airy, North Carolina (otherwise known as Mayberry in the Andy Griffith Show). I always admired my family doctor growing up, and he is the one that influenced my decision greatly to pursue pharmacy. Campbell appealed to me because of the focus the professors have on being teachers, rather than trying to do research primarily and teach on the side. I want to be a clinical pharmacist working in a hospital possibly after a residency, but being an independent pharmacist also greatly appeals to me. An interesting fact about me is that I cannot study without randomly bursting out into singing every once in awhile.

Amanda Goodman, P2

I am from the small town of Jefferson, NC.  I completed two years of undergraduate studies at Campbell before entering pharmacy school. I am also in the university's pep band and Wind Symphony.  When I first visited Campbell, I fell in love with its small town, friendly atmosphere.  I loved that the faculty knew my name and genuinely cared about my education.  After completing my PharmD, I would love to work in a specialty hospital setting or in an independent pharmacy.

Taylor Griffies, P1

I chose Campbell for many different reasons. I loved that Campbell was a school founded on faith, and when I visited the campus as a high school senior, I knew it was the place for me. I also loved that this was a place where I could do both my undergraduate work, and pursue my pharmacy degree in a small town that resembled my home town. Living in this area without all the hustle of the big city was perfect for me. My goal is to become a geriatric consultant pharmacist, and after graduation I plan to complete two residencies in order to specialize in the field of geriatrics. I love Campbell so much that I continue to tutor undergraduates and lead a group review session for a freshman biology class.

Luke Harris, P1

I'm from Carrollton, Virginia. Campbell has been a second home to me for almost 3 years now, and that's what I love about it! At Campbell, everyone here feels like family.  Professors and staff know you by name and, over time, fellow classmates become some of your closest friends.  The quaint, close-knit campus reminds me of home even more.  It truly is one of the greatest places to receive your top-notch pharmacy education.  Post-graduation, I'm leaning toward pursuing a residency, particularly in neuropharmacology.  Later, I hope to use this knowledge to care for stroke and alzheimer's patients.  A quick fact about me is that I'm in the Pep Band!  Every football and basketball game, I'm in the stands cheering our Fighting Camels to victory! Go Camels!!

Jessica Humenik, P2

I am originally from Woodstown, New Jersey. I did my undergraduate studies at Coastal Carolina University in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where I received my bachelors in biology. Campbell Pharmacy school was just the perfect fit for me. The family atmosphere that occurs here between the other students and the faculty is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a place that was going to set me up for success in my career and Campbell is well equipped to do that. At this point I'm not completely sure where I want to be after graduation. I do think I am interested in a residency and then possibly hospital pharmacy. A random fact about myself is that I am left handed.

Jacob Hyde, P1 - Dual Degree Student

I claim Lillington, North Carolina as my hometown because I have lived there the longest.  I chose Campbell because the faculty and staff truly care about their students, and the students’ education is their top priority.  I am not sure on my career after graduation, but I am leaning toward hospital pharmacy or an outpatient clinic setting.  I started Campbell’s dual MBA program also so I am a PharmD/MSCR/MBA student.

Courtney Kivett, P3 - Dual Degree Student

Originally from the small town of Liberty, NC, I was drawn to Campbell because of its small size and community atmosphere. My undergraduate experience at Campbell was wonderful and I knew I wanted to continue my graduate education here. Pharmacy school has been everything I expected and more. My fellow students have become like family and the atmosphere here is one that fosters growth and success both personally and academically. After I graduate I am considering several different career paths. I thoroughly enjoy community pharmacy and have considering opening my own independent pharmacy one day. I am also very interested in hospital pharmacy, specifically oncology. Completing a residency after graduation is something I feel would be beneficial, and I am considering this option as well. If there is one thing I have learned in pharmacy school it is that there are numerous opportunities available in the pharmacy profession and I plan on exploring all my options before I make a decision. One random fact about me is that I am the first person in my family (immediate and extended) to pursue a career in pharmacy.

David Laurent, P1

I chose to come to Campbell for many different reasons. When visiting and interviewing pharmacy schools around the southeast, I found that I was constantly comparing every other school to this one. I felt very comfortable while speaking with the current students, all the faculty members, and felt very relaxed and at ease during my interview day. My past experience with pharmacy before coming to school was almost solely within a retail setting. With only a semester in the bag, I have been exposed to a variety of opportunities within the pharmacy world that I could easily see myself pursuing in the near future. As an ambassador of the pharmacy school, you may run into me at some point during your process of admittance so, as an ice breaker or random fact about myself, I have a difficult time reading my own notes during class because my handwriting is that bad!

Eric Lee, P2

I am currently pursuing a Pharm D. degree and plan on working in either an independent retail or hospital setting upon graduation. I personally chose to attend Campbell due to its reputation as being a very community-oriented university which takes pride in making the wellbeing of its students its number one priority. My hometown is the small rural community of Meadow, North Carolina, which is roughly 35 minutes from Campbell and 45 minutes from Raleigh. Aside from school I also work in a small independent pharmacy in Benson. Random facts about myself, I enjoy both running and swimming and one day plan on participating in an Ironman triathlon.

Emily Mantovani, P2 - Dual Degree Student

I grew up in Fredericksburg, VA, went to college in Newport News, VA, and finally made NC my home in 2011. Despite being a native Virginian, I was drawn to Campbell due to its small school feel and family atmosphere, as well as the variety of dual degree programs they offered. I also saw that the faculty was really going to take the time to help me become prepared for a residency, and I knew it would be a great place for me to learn and grow as a future pharmacist.
When I graduate from Campbell I honestly have no clue what I will end up doing (and I'm totally okay with that)! I know that I want to complete a residency but from there I don't know what my career will look like. Every time I learn about a different career opportunity for Pharmacists I am excited to learn more! The possibilities are endless and I am looking forward to getting to explore many different options during my P4 rotations.
A random fact about myself: I just got married in December! When I started I never would have thought that I would get married during Pharmacy school, but it worked out perfectly! Don't let people scare you too much about Pharmacy School, it is still possible to have a life outside of class.

Ethan Meadows, P1

I completed my first three years of undergraduate work at Campbell in Clinical Research and will be graduating in May of 2014 with a Bachelor’s degree in General Science with a concentration in Clinical Research. I am from the small town of Kinston, North Carolina. I first decided to come to Campbell in 2010 because my sister was already a student at Campbell and through visiting her I fell in love with the environment that Campbell has to offer. Campbell is large enough to meet new people every day but small enough that you do not get overlooked as an individual. As of right now, I am preparing myself to be competitive for a residency position but I have not decided yet if that is exactly what I want to do after graduating. I have been exposed to many new types of pharmacy just in the past semester at Campbell and I haven’t decided the exact career path I would like to pursue. A random fact about me is that I am one of the only students in my class that still handwrite all of my notes.

John Norris, P2

I am from Goldsboro, NC. I attended Campbell University as an undergraduate and completed all of my prerequisites for entry into pharmacy school in two years. Immediately after being accepted at CU, I knew that I wanted to attend there. The faculty and staff are the main reason that I decided to stay at Campbell. My professors have always been willing to help with any of my inquiries. After school, it is my hope to do a residency to further extend my education into a particular facet of pharmacy practice.

Rebecca Opoku, P2 - Dual Degree Student

Coming from a small town called Koftown in the eastern region of Ghana in West Africa, I can relate to the small town life around Buies Creek. But that is not the only reason I chose to study Pharmacy at CPHSU. The instructors at Campbell school of Pharmacy are truly interested in the performance of the students and they take measures to ensure each student’s success.  I have great interest in hospital practice and am certain that my new found family, “Campbell family” will prepare me and cheer me on all the way.

Manali Patel, P2 - Co-President, Dual Degree Student

I am from Cerritos, California and completed two years of undergraduate work at Campbell University. I chose Campbell University for my higher education because I knew I could thrive as an individual in the small-community-like environment that I found at Campbell. I am enrolled as a dual PharmD & MBA student. I hope pursuing dual degrees will allow me to be challenged to reach my highest potential and open up various opportunities for my future endeavors. Although I’m not quite sure where I want to be after graduation, I hope to utilize my training to positively impact patient care and education.

Dexter Peele, P3

My hometown is Lewiston, NC, and I chose Campbell University for a number of reasons.  I have noticed that the school is very family oriented and concerned about a student’s progress.  Also, during my interview day, I was very impressed on how staff and faculty members knew my name, and they each treated me nicely and with respect.  Lastly, the pharmacy school has a very high percentage passing rate on the board exams.  So, the school has a myriad of methods to assure success of their students. I am not enrolled in any dual degree programs, and upon graduation, I would like to work in a retail/community setting.  Finally, I would like to share that I graduated with a B.S. degree in Biology with a Concentration in Pre-Medicine from Elizabeth City State University.

Tracy Perry, P3

After completing 3 years of undergrad at Campbell, I fell in love with the campus and family-like atmosphere and knew it was the right place for me to earn my PharmD. I still reside in my hometown of Snow Hill with my husband and 4 year old son. I hope to complete a residency and work in a hospital as a clinical pharmacist.

Christopher Powell, P2

I am originally from Goldsboro, NC and I chose Campbell University for both my undergraduate and now graduate academic career primarily for the small family atmosphere.  It was also a much smoother transition for me since I was coming from a small Christian private school in which my graduating class consisted of only 23 students  After completing pharmacy school and obtaining my license to practice, I plan to work in retail pharmacy and provide safe and effective care for my patients.  Also, as a random fact, I commute about 30-45 minutes every day just to attend CUCPHS.

Mary Ross, P1

I graduated from North Carolina State University with my B.S. in Biological Sciences - Human Biology. Growing up in the small town of Henderson, NC, I always cherished having a close-knit and supportive community. When looking for pharmacy schools, that small community aspect was very important to me. Even though I have only been at Campbell a short time, I am confident that I made the right decision and could not be happier. The faculty and staff here truly want to get to know their students and see them succeed. The other students are also very supportive and it is very much a family atmosphere. Upon graduation, I am interested in either pursuing a career in ambulatory care or community pharmacy.

Jordan Tryhubenko, P2

I am originally from Cockeysville, Maryland which is located right outside the Baltimore region. Before coming to pharmacy school I spent 4 years at Washington College located in Chestertown, Maryland.  I graduated with a degree in Chemistry and a minor in Biology.  Washington College was a small liberal arts college with about 1,300 students.  When looking at pharmacy schools, I wanted a school that mirrored my time spent in undergrad.  I wanted professors, faculty and staff that knew not only my name but a little bit about me as well. Immediately following my interview at Campbell University I knew if I was accepted into their program that this is where I would end up.  I find "psychiatric pharmacy" particularly interesting. I volunteered for a Walgreen's that was located on the same block as a psychiatric institute. There were many outpatients that would drop their prescriptions off and through that I was able to gain many different experiences by helping them.  I have also recently been spending time shadowing a pharmacist at Duke University that specializes in psychiatric/internal medicine.  Upon graduation, I intend on furthering my education by entering a residency program in psychiatric pharmacy.  A random fact about me is I will be the first person in my immediate and extended family to receive a Doctorate Degree.

Rebecca Webb, P2 - Dual Degree Student

I am from the small town of Macclesdield, NC.  After graduating in 2011 from North Carolina State University I decided to pursue a joint degree at Campbell University with the intentions of receiving both a Masters in Clinical Research and a Pharm D in the year of 2016. The clinical research courses have given me a glimpse of the mechanics by which the pharmaceutical industry functions and have provided me with the opportunity to perform my own research project.  Upon completion of my third year, I plan to obtain a residency/fellowship that will give me first- hand experience in this industry.

Christry Westbrook, P3

I am from Goldsboro, NC. I graduated from North Carolina State University in May 2011 with my B.S. in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Human Biology and a minor in Genetics. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at NC State, but I was just a number in a classroom and the majority of my professors never even knew my name. Campbell appealed to me because I knew from the very beginning that I would be more than a face in the crowd and that my professors and classmates would actually know me. Professors at Campbell make an effort to connect with students and are more than willing to help and offer support with an open door policy. I enjoy attending a school where I know everyone and have made lifelong friends. After graduation, I plan to complete a residency and pursue a career in hospital pharmacy. My introductory hospital rotation after P2 year helped guide this decision. One random fact about me is that I initially planned to attend dental school since the eighth grade, but completely changed my mind when I set my heart on pharmacy school and I have never regretted my decision.

Ting Ye, P2

Originally from China, I have been in USA for four and half years. I was first enrolled as Master candidate in the Pharmaceutical Science program of CU. The student centered environment really convinces me to pursue my pharmacy at CU. In addition, the campus is safe and quiet, allowing me to focus on my study. Both faculty and staff are very supportive and show great passion to help me whenever there is a need. Though sharing the same academic goals, my classmates are always willing to share knowledge on line with me rather than brutal competition. Some random facts about me: I am a commuting student. But I live in a community which is very close to campus. I am married and visit my husband during weekends.