Have a Seat: Campbell Physical Therapy hosts Seating and Mobility Summit

Over the weekend, the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Campbell University hosted its first seating and mobility summit. The summit was a blend of active learning, engaging lectures on adult and pediatric topics, and networking opportunities for local clinicians and vendors specializing in mobility.


The day-long event drew 68 local clinicians, 40 physical therapy students, and eight mobility vendors to the Health Sciences Campus at Campbell University. Attendees were able to attend sessions on documentation tips, how to write effective letters of medical need, and how seating and mobility evaluations can be used for various day-to-day functions in a patient’s life.


Chris Skinner, motivational speaker, was also on the summit’s agenda. In Skinner’s life, he experienced the transition from athletic college student to quadriplegic and now shares a message of inspiration, motivation, and hope with audiences across the country. His ability to experience life is directly correlated with proper seating assessments and the appropriate mobility options that fit his lifestyle.  


“The purpose of this summit, which we anticipate will be an annual event, was to provide an avenue for local clinicians to discuss the necessary skill of assessing orthopedic and neurological needs in seating assessments,” shared Michelle Green, DPT, assistant professor of health professional studies.


Green, the organizer of the summit, conducted over 200 post-professional education conferences before joining Campbell University’s physical therapy program. She has vast knowledge of rehabilitating stroke patients, assessment impairment levels and developing treatment plans for stroke patients and other neurological conditions, and applying yoga and pilates to therapeutic interventions. 


Photo: A vendor from Numotion demonstrates how to properly position a hip belt during the Seating and Mobility Summit