Physical therapist Scot Sawyer joins faculty

When Heidi Shearin, director of clinical education, encouraged Scot Sawyer to apply for the position of assistant professor of health professional studies within the new doctor of physical therapy program at Campbell University, Sawyer wasn’t quite sure he was cut out to be a full time faculty member.  Fortunately, his outlook has changed and he is the newest member to join the doctor of physical therapy faculty on campus.

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Windsor brings passion for teaching to Buies Creek

It was a coincidence that Brett Windsor relocated to North Carolina as Campbell University was creating its Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Now Windsor finds himself immersed in creating courses, reviewing student applications, and wearing a lot more orange and black on purpose these days.

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Angier native returns to Harnett County to inspire research

When looking at Doug Powell’s résumé, one might wonder when he has time to sleep. He often asks himself the same thing. The Angier native recently returned to Harnett County to serve as an assistant professor of health professional studies and director of research for the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences’ Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Campbell University.

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Potential students get first glimpse of doctor of physical therapy program

As was the case with other health programs Campbell has started in recent years, the idea for a physical therapy program came from a need. North Carolina is one of the fastest-growing states in the nation, but when it comes to the number of licensed physical therapists, the state ranks 38th out of 50.

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Local educator looks to make an impact through new doctor of physical therapy program

A blank canvas may be daunting to some, but for Dr. Heidi Shearin developing a new program from the ground up is exciting.

Shearin was recently hired as the director of clinical education for Campbell University’s new doctor of physical therapy program which is projected to start in January, pending accreditation approval. She’s been working around the clock with the new program’s faculty and staff to meet accreditation deadlines, and help create a curriculum, develop courses and establish relationships with health care facilities.

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