Dr. Roy Pleasants, II

Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice

Pulmonary Medicine

BS, Pharmacy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

PharmD, Medical University of South Carolina




Location: Duke University Medical Center

Roy Pleasants, PharmD, is working locally and regionally to advance tobacco cessation efforts. 


To engage pharmacy students, Pleasents, along with Janna Currie, 2013 student pharmacist and MSCR candidate, have started a competition among rising P-4 students called “Refer, Don’t Defer.” The contest will provide awards to fourth-year pharmacy students who refer the most patientsto the North Carolina Tobacco Quitline, a free phone service available to help individuals quit using tobacco.


Pleasants believes community (and hospital) pharmacists are in a good position to refer patients to the free intensive counseling when selling over the counter nicotine replacement therapy or prescribed medications.


The contest is an opportunity to help pharmacy students become aware of the program and get involved with the tobacco prevention efforts. Students will receive extra points towards the competition if they get their preceptors to submit Quitline referrals for their patients, in the hope of also engaging practicing pharmacists to use the Quitline. The competition will end in April 2013.


Pleasants is also undertaking an initiative with the Duke University Continuing Medical Education office to engage School of Medicine residents in the use of the state’s tobacco Quitline. This program was recently recognized by the American Association of Colleges of Medicine as a model quality improvement initiative. 


In his regional efforts, Pleasants is leading a tobacco surveillance collaborative among the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and researchers at Duke University, Wake Forest University, and the Medical University of South Carolina.  A surveillance tool will be used to define tobacco use and related diseases in more than 12,000 South Carolina adults.

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