Dr. Jennifer Bunn

Assistant Professor, Department of Exercise Science

Associated Faculty, Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

BS, Nicholls State University

MS, University of Kentucky

Doctor of Philosophy, Baylor University

[email protected]



Academic Experience Summary
Dr. Jennifer Bunn is an assistant professor in the Exercise Science Department and Exercise Science Lab Director at Campbell University.  Areas of expertise in teaching include exercise physiology, sport and exercise nutrition, research methods, and exercise testing and prescription.  She has presented her research at several regional, national, and international conferences, and is also an advocate of student research, having mentored students in conducting and presenting their own research at university seminars and regional conferences.

Research Interests
• Behavior modification for improvement of healthy lifestyles
• Gender differences in aerobic and anaerobic training adaptations
• Endurance exercise and the immune system
• Children and obesity
• Cardiovascular rehabilitation in heart failure patients
• Skeletal muscle atrophy (aging and injury induced)

Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications (12)
Selected Publications include:
J. Bunn. Aging and the motor unit. Journal of Sports Medicine and Doping Studies. S1:e001, 2012.

J. Bunn. Preventing Muscle Atrophy with Protein and Amino Acid Supplementation. Journal of Sports Medicine and Doping Studies. 2:e108, 2012.

J. Bunn, T. Buford, M. Serra, R. Kreider, & D. Willoughby. Effects of 28 days of protein and amino acid supplementation and ankle immobilization on atrophy- and apoptosis-related gene expression in males.  Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism.  vol. 2011, Article ID 539690, 2011.

CM Kerksick, J Wismann-Bunn, D Fogt, A Thomas, L Taylor, B Campbell, C Wilborn, T Harvey, M Roberts, P LaBounty, M Galbreath, B Marcello, C Rasmussen, & R Kreider. Changes in weight loss, body composition, and cardiovascular disease risk after altering macronutrient distributions during a regular exercise program in obese women. Nutrition Journal. 9:59, 2010.

Wismann, J. & Willoughby, D. Gender differences in carbohydrate metabolism and carbohydrate loading. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. 3 (1): 28-34, 2006.

Wilborn, C., Beckham, J., Campbell, B., Harvey, T., Galbreath, M., La Bounty, P., Nassar, E., Wismann, J., & Kreider, R. Obesity: Prevalence, theories, medical consequences, management, and research directions. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. 2 (2): 1-30, 2005.

Book Chapters
J. Bunn. Hydration and Performance. Sports Nutrition: Enhancing Athletic Performance. CRC Press, Boca Raton.  In press.

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