Dr. Doug Powell

Assistant Professor of Health Professional Studies

PhD, University of Tennessee

MA, East Carolina University

BS, East Carolina University



Location: Room 109, Carrie Rich Hall

Academic Experience Summary

Dr. Powell is a section editor for the International Journal of Exercise Science and a founding member of the South Central Regional Chapter of the American Society of Biomechanics.  Areas of teaching expertise include clinical biomechanics, research methods and techniques, and neurological pathology.

  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
  • Master of Arts, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC
  • Bachelor of Science, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC
Professional Membership
  • International Foot & Ankle Biomechanics Community
  • American College of Sports Medicine
  • American Society of Biomechanics
  • National Strength & Conditioning Association
  • South Central Regional Chapter of the American Society of Biomechanics
  • Mid-Atlantic Regional Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine
Research Interests
  • Biomechanical & Neurophysiological adaptations in healthy and pathological movement
  • Sensory integration in healthy and pathological neuromuscular systems
  • Aberrant foot function and lower extremity injury mechanisms
  • Mechanical, neurophysiological and perceptual manifestations of fatigue
Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications (15)

Selected Publications include:

  • Powell, D., Williams, D.S., Butler, R. (2012) A comparison of two multi-segment foot models in high- and low-arched athletes. Journal of American Podiatric Medical Association, In Press (March 2013).
  • Powell, D., Hanson, N.J., Long, B* and Williams, D.S. (2012) Frontal plane kinematics and kinetics in high- and low-arched female athletes during a landing task.  Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, 22(5): 430-435.
  • Powell, D., Long, B.*, Milner, C., Zhang, S. (2012) Effects of vertical loading on arch kinematics in high- and low-arched females using a multi-segment foot model. Journal of Applied Biomechanics, Vol. 28; 165-73.
  • Powell, D., Clowers, K., Keefer, M., Zhang, S. (2012) Alterations in neuromuscular activation patterns in short-leg walking boots. Journal of Sport and Health Science, Vol. 1 (1); 43-8.
  • Powell, D., Threlkeld, A.J., Fang, X., Muthumani, A., Xia, R.P. (2012) Amplitude- and velocity-dependency of rigidity measured at the wrist Parkinson’s disease. Clinical Neurophysiology, Vol. 123 (4), p. 764-773.
  • Xia, R.P., Powell, D., Rymer, W.Z., Hanson, N.J.*, Fang, X., Threlkeld, A.J. (2011) Differentiation between the contributions of shortening reaction and stretch-induced inhibition to rigidity in Parkinson’s disease. Experimental Brain Research, Vol. 209: 609-618.
  • Powell, D., Hanson, N.J.*, Fang, X., Threlkeld, A.J., Xia, R.P. (2011) Enhancement of parkinsonian rigidity with contralateral muscle contractions. Clinical Neurophysiology, Vol. 122: 1595-1601.
  • Powell, D., Long, B.*, Milner, C., Zhang, S. (2011) Frontal plane multi-segment foot kinematics in high- compared to low-arched females during dynamic loading tasks. Human Movement Science, Vol. 30, p. 105-14.
  • Renshaw, D.*, Bice, M.R.*, Cassidy, C., Eldridge, J., Powell, D. (2010) A comparison of three computer-based methods of determining EMG signal amplitude. International Journal of Exercise Science, Vol. 3 (1), p. 44-8.
  • Keefer, M.*, King, J.*, Powell, D., Krusenklaus, J., Zhang, S. (2008) Effects of modified short-leg walkers on ground reaction force characteristics. Clinical Biomechanics, Vol. 23 (9): p. 1172-77.  
Other Publications

Selected Publications include:

  • Powell, D.and Hanson, N.J.* (2011) Invited Review: Relationship between arch characteristics and landing mechanics. March, Lower Extremity Review.
  • Zhang, S., Powell, D. and Keefer, M.* (2007) Effects of two basketball shoe designs on biomechanics and muscle activities in jumping and cutting movements. Technical Report to adidas International.
  • Hamill, J., Zhang, S., Rodrigues, R., Powell, D., and Keefer, M. (2006) Phase-I Report: Anthropometric and plantar pressure evaluation of the foot.  Technical Report to Schering-Plough Health Care Products Inc.
  • Zhang, S., K. Clowers and D. Powell. (2005) Comprehensive 3D biomechanical analyses of selected key basketball movements. Technical report to adidas America, Inc.
  • Zhang, S., K. Clowers and D. Powell. (2004) 3D biomechanical analyses of gait patterns in two walking boot­­s. Technical report to DeRoyal Industries, Inc.

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