MS Programs

MS Programs

Tuition & Fees - Fall 2013/Spring 2014

Tuition for students enrolled in all master of science programs at CPHS, this includes Clinical Research (MSCR), Pharmaceutical Sciences (MSPS) and Public Health (MSPH).

Application Fee


Tuition (per credit hour)


General Fees (per semester)

  • MSCR/MSPH - $290
  • MSPS - $575

Other Fees

Parking Permit (per year)             

Fall-full year $175 / Spring-new students $95

Illness Insurance

Fall-full year $500 / Spring-new students TBD

International Student Health Insurance

Fall-full year $980 / Spring-new students TBD

Refund Policy

An admissions deposit is required of each accepted applicant. These deposits are non-refundable. Additionally, no refunds are provided for students, who attend any class and subsequently withdraws, drops any course(s) or are suspended from Campbell University's College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences for any cause.