PharmD/MS in Clinical Research


First Graduate Year

Summer 1 Courses
CLNR-525 Medical Ethics
CLNR-505 Principles of Clinical Research
CLNR-515 New Product Development
CLNR-552 Scientific Communications

Fall Courses
PHAR-302 Anatomy and Physiology
PHAR-304 Biochemistry
CLNR-517 Biostatistical Inference 
CLNR-520 Advanced Data Management

Spring Courses
PHAR-306 Anatomy and Physiology
PHAR-308 Clinical Biochemistry
CLNR-518 Intro to Biostatistical Modeling
CLNR-530 Regulatory Affairs
CLNR-559 Managing and Monitoring Clinical Trials
CLNR-566 Advanced Study Design and Analysis

Summer 2 Courses
CLNR-519 Physical and Clinical Assessment
CLNR-568 Project Management
CLNR-606 Clinical Research Seminar

First Professional Year

P-1 Fall Semester
PHAR-312 Medical Microbiology
PHAR-301 Pharmaceutical Calculations
PHAR-305 Pharmacy in the US Healthcare System
PHAR-309 Drug Information
PHAR-331 Pharmaceutical Care Skills Lab
CLNR-690 Research Project

P-1 Spring Semester
PHAR-303 Patient Counseling and Professional Communication
PHAR-310 Immunology
PHAR-314 Biopharmaceutics
PHAR-307 Pharmacy Marketing and Management
PHAR-331 Pharmaceutical Care Skills Lab
CLNR-695 Research Project

P-1 Summer Semester (One Month)
PHAR-505 Early Practice Experience 1

Second Professional Year

P-2 Fall Semester
PHAR-412 Principles of Pharmacology and Medical Chemistry
PHAR-417 Autonomic Pharmacology/Medical Chemistry
PHAR-408 Biology of Disease
PHAR-404 Pharmaceutics I
PHAR-410 Pharmacokinetics

P-2 Spring Semester
PHAR-421 Endo/CNS Pharmacology/Medical Chemistry
PHAR-423 Anti-Inf Pharmacy/Medical Chemistry
PHAR-406 Pharmaceutics II w/Lab
PHAR-403 Financial Management and Pharmacoeconomics
PHAR-405 Nonprescription Drug Therapy

P-2 Summer Semester (One Month)
PHAR-506 Early Experience II

Third Professional Year

P-3 Fall Semester
PHAR-501 Therapeutics I
PHAR-503 Therapeutics II
PHAR-511 Jurisprudence
PHAR-508 Top 300 Exam
PHAR-xxx Electives

P-3 Spring Semester
PHAR-545 Therapeutics III
PHAR-547 Therapeutics IV
PHAR-528 Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
PHAR-544 Intro. Clinical Research Design and Lit. Eval.

Fourth Professional Year

P-4 Summer, Fall and Spring Semesters
PHAR-6xx Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (9 one month rotations)
PHAR-699 Professional Presentation Seminar