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Pharmacist's Letter

Campbell University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences has made special arrangements to provide pharmacy receptors with Preceptor Training & Resource Network from Pharmacist's Letter.

Access to Preceptor Training & Resource Network includes:

  1. Access to Campbell University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences' preceptor requirements, preceptor application forms, school-specific training modules, etc.
  2. Preceptor CE (home-study courses and live webinars)
  3. Sample student syllabi, activities, assignments, and schedules
  4. Orientation, grading, and evaluation tools
  5. Targeted professionalism, patient safety, and practice-based teaching resources
  6. PL Journal Club (APPE teaching tools)
  7. Pharmacy 101 (IPPE teaching tools)
  8. End-of-rotation exams
  9. Preceptors Interact preceptor discussion board

How to set up access to Pharmacist’s Letter:

If you already have access to Pharmacist's Letter, it is important to follow the link below to login. This will ensure that you get the Preceptor Training & Resource Network added to your subscription and Preceptor Training CE and other tools.

If you do not have access to Pharmacist's Letter, you need to set up a Campbell University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences Preceptor CE ID #. Your CE ID # will be automatically created and you'll be able to use it from any Internet-connected computer to access Preceptor Training & Resource Network.

Access the Pharmacist's Letter website

Darcy Meade, Pharmacist's Letter
(209) 472-2240
[email protected]