The following information serves to establish standardized criteria for designating and maintaining academic appointments for non-salaried, preceptors.

Preceptors provide practical experience and training for students within their specific practice environment. Individual professionals are approved as preceptors by the Vice Chair of Experiential Education & Curriculum.

Individuals seeking to become a preceptor or who currently serve as a preceptor for the Department of Pharmacy Practice must meet the following criteria:

  • Licensed and in good standing with their state licensure board. The individual's record should be free of violations resulting in state board sanctions. Where subject to state board licensure, the facility in which the individual practices should also be in good standing with the licensure board.
  • Agrees to serve as a professional resource and a positive, ethical role model 
  • Agrees to offer rotation experience in accordance with the outlined goals and objectives as specified by CPHS. 
  • Agrees to focus rotation experience to help meet students’ needs and interests 
  • Agrees to provide a complete and timely evaluation for students 
  • Agrees to complete and maintain preceptor training requirements as recommended by CPHS

Please contact the Office of Experiential Education to inquire about becoming a preceptor for CPHS.

Valerie Clinard, PharmD
Vice Chair, Experiential Education

Paige Brown, PharmD
Director of Experiential Programs

Jean White
Program Manager, Experiential Programs
800-760-9697 ext. 1709