Advisory Committee


Advisory Committee

The Experiential Programs Advisory Committee (EPAC) was formed in 2007 to ensure that the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences' experiential programs continually satisfy or surpass ACPE standards and guidelines, CAPE outcomes, and the College's strategic plan. 

The committee meets quarterly to discuss issues of importance to the Office of Experiential Education, including faculty appointments of preceptors and quality assurance measures for experiential programs. 

EPAC members represent the broad spectrum of practice area and geographic zones within our experiential programs, including hospital practice, community practice, ambulatory care, and geriatrics. 

Committee members

  • Paige Brown (Vice Chair), Director of Experiential Education
  • Valerie Clinard (Vice Chair), Vice Chair, Experiential Education
  • Brenda Blackman, Director of Pre-Pharmacy Advisement & Retention
  • Angel Elliott, VA Medical Center
  • Laura Gerstner, Program Clinical Coordinator, Department of Physician Assistant
  • Jeff Gross, Rex Hospital
  • Charles Herring, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice
  • Catherine Lewis, Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice
  • Melanie Pound, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice
  • Heidi Shearin, Director of Clinical Education, Department of Physical Therapy
  • Ryan Swanson, Kerr Drug
  • Dustin Wilson, Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice
  • Brock Woodis, Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice
  • Maria Jamal, Student Pharmacist
  • Dexter Peele, Student Pharmacist
  • Taylor Griffies, Student Pharmacist