Adjunct Faculty


Adjunct Faculty Appointment

Preceptors are encouraged to apply for adjunct faculty appointment through the CPHS. The level of appointments can be either Adjunct Assistant Professor, Adjunct Associate Professor, or Adjunct Professor. The following information serves to establish standardized criteria for designating and maintaining academic appointments for non-salaried adjunct faculty.

Application and Promotion Process

Preceptors interested in applying for an academic appointment must submit a letter of intent specifying their interest and requested rank along with an updated copy of their curriculum vitae to Dr. Paige Brown at [email protected] or Dr. Tina Thornhill at [email protected]. The letter of intent and curriculum vitae may be submitted electronically.

NOTE: Preceptors seeking appointment to Adjunct Professor will also need to provide a letter of support by a current Department of Pharmacy Practice faculty member in addition to the letter of intent and curriculum vitae.

Applications are reviewed and voted on by the Experiential Programs Advisory Committee (EPAC). Recommendation for appointment or promotion will be forwarded to the Chairman of the Department of Pharmacy Practice who will review the recommendation and forward it to the Dean’s office for final consideration.

Criteria for Faculty Appointment

Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor

  • Has served as a preceptor for at least 2 years (may include up to 1 year of experience during residency or fellowship training).
  • Agrees to provide annual availability for student rotations.
  • Precepts, on average, a minimum of 3 students annually. (Note that if student load falls below an average of 3 students annually, the individual may still maintain his/her appointment, as long as availability for a minimum of 3 students annually was provided.) Exception to student load will be considered if the candidate provides > 2 hours of didactic teaching within the curriculum or coordinates an elective course.
  • Demonstrates evidence of effective teaching and student interaction.
  • Demonstrates commitment to the profession by holding membership in at least one national professional organization and their state association.

Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor

  • Has provided experiential training for students for at least 5 years (may include up to 1 year of experience during residency or fellowship training).
  • Demonstrates leadership and contributes to the professional practice and teaching beyond his/her practice site, with recognition by peers at the local or state level.
  • Demonstrates further commitment to the College's teaching mission by engaging in one or more of the following:
    1. Serves on a College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences committee or task force
    2. Participates in student recruitment and/or admissions interviews
    3. Publishes articles, performs formal research, or participates in other scholarly endeavors
    4. Precepts, on average, 5 or more students annually

Adjunct Clinical Professor

  • Meets all Adjunct Associate Professor criteria PLUS
  • Demonstrates leadership and contributions to the profession recognizable at the state and/or national level, including contributions to peer-reviewed literature

Duration of Appointments

All adjunct faculty appointments are awarded for a 3-year term.


Adjunct faculty appointments will be tracked by the OPEE. Individual appointees will be notified approximately three months prior to the expiration date of their appointment. These individuals will be required to submit a notice stating they are interested in continuing their appointment and attach a copy of their current curriculum vitae. The EPAC will review the appointee's status based on the criteria. The Director of Experiential Education will send notice to the Department of Pharmacy Practice Chair and Dean that reappointment should be granted for another three years.

If the EPAC finds the appointee's status no longer meets the criteria for their current appointment, the OPEE will notify the appointee and discuss areas that need to be addressed and determine a target date for addressing such items prior to reconsideration for re-appointment.

Termination of Appointment

Termination of appointment may be initiatied by request of the adjunct faculty member or by CPHS.

Potential reasons for termination include:

  • Failure to submit notice and curriculum vitae upon request for re-appointment
  • Failure to adhere to appointment criteria
  • An adjudicated violation of the rules and regulations set forth by the state licensure board
  • A substantiated grievance lodged against the appointee by a student, colleague, or patient which jeopardizes the appointee's suitability to serve as adjunct faculty

The termination process will be reviewed by the Department Chair and final approval of termination noted by the Dean. Notification of termination will be provided to the individual by letter from the Department of Pharmacy Practice. Individuals whose appointment is terminated due to either the first or second item above may still serve as preceptors for CPHS.