Doctor of Pharmacy

Priority is given to candidates who complete their application by November 1.

1. Complete a PharmCAS application - Final application deadline is March 1
This includes submitting PCAT scores and three letters of recommendation, at least one letter from a science professor and a pharmacist is strongly preferred.

2. Complete a supplemental application - Final application deadline is March 11
This includes submitting a passport size photo and $50 application fee.

Domestic Applicants

International Applicants
International applicants are eligible for admission if they have completed all prerequisite courses at an accredited US institution. No international coursework will be accepted. All transcripts, PCAT scores, and letters of recommendation must be sent to PharmCAS.

Applicants for the PharmD/MSCR dual degree program are encouraged to start classes in the summer semester. If a fall start is desired, contact the admissions coordinator at [email protected].