Seraphim Rock


Comus knock on my door

Maybe Lycidus too!


Kingdom come on 80's station wagon free choice.

You had your father's eyes, and your mother's voice

Like Martin Luther singing bar songs and sing along

Maybe go down to Geneva bar hopping and visit John

Calvin and Hobbes.

Yeah, all my children rebel against rebellion

Little girls in pig tails, all look like Pygmalion.

You met Elvis in cowboy boots and courtly love,

Kurt Cobain, and joined a ska band then won doves.

Mixing cake in purple bowls and silver pots,

And Satan's selling hard rock candy in the church parking lot.

And we look for fig leaves to cover,

Fig Newton lover. It's not a cookie it's fruit and cake:

Made from apples falling from trees, I think gravity is fake!

Cover our faces; cover our heads with doilies and napkins,

And let me carry coffee and donuts on my head.

If I had wings, I'd cover my face.


Comus, Comus, Comus, Comus Chameleon.

Timothy, Titus and Philemon.


Ben Snyder