Adamís Song


Earth Ice tea brown mud bowl.

Who gave my fire fingers?

Gave my tears a tongue--

You're not me, I'm you're discernment

You ' re the image of my warmth

What gave you form from my face?

Do you remember me from Orange River?


Fruit loops lapping paper bowl.

 Who gave my smile a soul?

Fashioned eyes from my emotions-

That's not I, You're my intuition

You're the reflection of my madness.

Who made lips so tender foliage?

Can you recall the fragile mind of Light?


What forever slumber hungers

Together with you-

Let me submerge- shifting soil and white sand

We eclipse each other- sweet abyss,

Evermore Silhouettes of what we were;

Snuggled in oblivion.


Ben Snyder